Two years after his exit, Antoine Griezmann returns to Atlético de Madrid knowing that his right place to shine is under Cholo Simeone and that is documentary and the way he left the club to play along the ’10’ instead of at the Wanda was the wrong choice.

‘The Prince’ owes his transformation into a top player to Diego Pablo Simeone and experienced the his best years through the huge growth of a club that welcomed him at the mythical Calderón and certified his blown-up at the Wanda Metropolitano.

Griezmann was at the top 5 worldwide, ate at the table of Messi and Cristiano and reached the glory in July 2018. He was at his highest level and wanted to pretend he was the savior of a club to which he owes more than the opposite.

His “decision” boomerang effect to have all the spotlights on him plus the lack of membership to a club who gave it all to him played a trick on him with facts that his own wife warned him from on his documentary: “Here you can make history; there you will be one more player”.

Griezmann ended up staying for one more year, but he decided to move the next summer, as he would not waste the opportunity to win more being less important, even though he won less as well.

Griezmann has not shown even half the level he had at Atlético during the two yeas he has been at Barça, as he was been a clear victim of what playing along the best player in history is, who also has his same role on the field.

His fit on the line-up was based on the Argentinian and not the other way as he was used to at Atlético, where the entire team played for the Frenchman.

Barça lifted a Spanish Cup in two years and Atlético conquered LaLiga led by Suárez, who extended Griezmann´s drought. The Frenchman dreamed of shining along with Leo and Barça gave him a reality check that he did not think of a couple years ago.

Griezmann returns to what it was his most valuable home to recover his highest level. He will try to pull it off by just talking on the field in order to reconquer Atlético´s fans and without prepotent boasts in a team that has proved to be bigger than any of its members as far as prophet Simeone is in charge.

‘The Prince’ will now have to start all over so his present looks to a compromised past for the showed he carried out himself.

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