Bayern Munich are back on track. For the third consecutive year, the German roller are one of the main candidates to lift the Champions League trophy. They are the team with the best performing in this competition so far along with Liverpool and Ajax.

Specifically, we are talking about 22 goals scored and only three conceded in the group stage. Real Madrid are the only team that have been able to even their stats, as they have only conceded three goals as well.

However, their playing style and individual talent are the reasons why Bayern might be the best in the world at the moment. Julian Nagelsmann is the main responsable of the high level that the Germans are showing off.

The German coach runs a high pressure on the ball which is a well-known characteristic from the Ralf Rangnick’s German school. Players mark coordinately as a group to the rival in possession of the ball and, while some of them push him up, the rest wait for the right moment to intercept.

Their way to play the ball from backwards is another key aspect of their game: Upamecano and Süle combine strength and physical power with technique. This way, they are both able to pass the ball with reliability or make runs through the opponent’s defensive lines.

However, the midfielders and strikers make the difference. Quality and dribbling are essential elements in order to create productive attacks and players like LewandowskiMüllerComan, SanéDavies or Musiala add a lot in this aspect.

If a picture tells more than 1,000 words, a game is more worth than an analysis. The last game from Bayern Munich against Barça was a clear example of everything the Germans can do without making too much effort.

They won the Champions League back in 2020; last season they fell to PSG after giving a football masterclass; in 2022 they will have a new opportunity to show their potential. They are candidates to win, once again, but now they are hunger than ever before.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Twitter @FCBayernES.

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