Real Madrid can certainly show off on having real jewels in their team. Vinicius Júnior and Eduardo Camavinga drag most of the spotlights, but Rodrygo Goes has the same or even bigger potential than them.

The Brazilian has proven to have two key qualities to be a superstar: intelligence and creativity. Rodrygo knows how to associate effectively and finish plays both through passes or shots.

It is clear that he has the ability to score and, most importantly, tends to do so in decisive moments. Some might think that Vinicius is better at this aspect, but we must point out that his countryman plays out of his natural position.

Just as the ex-player for Flamengo, he is a striker that feels more comfortable playing on the opposite wing as his best foot. The “problem” is that Vinicius is the permanent starter on the left wing fairly. Unlike him, Rodry is able to add to the team from the right side.

This polyvalence is a great capacity of a player that also sacrifices himself on defense. He is useful both at pressing and marking and, in fact, tends to give up part of his offensive job in order to help Lucas Vázquez or Carvajal, as neither of them are reliable backwards.

This article is meant to claim the potential of an underused player until now. Rodrygo has not been given the same opportunities than Vinicius and he always participates out of his best position whenever he is on the field.

I am not saying that the player from São Gonçalo should not be a main character anymore, but that Ancelotti could make more rotation to give him a rest and put his teammate on the left.

He could also power up the chemistry between both of them by lining them up as a duo forward in order to give a break to Benzema. There are plenty of options and I believe that Madrid could take advantage of them both in the short and long term.

If he is already showing off his quality under these conditions, What will he be capable of when he gets to play regularlyin his favorite spot? This will happen at some point in his career and that will be when he will be able to enjoy of the authentic Rodrygo.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Twitter @RodrygoGoes

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