Mohamed Salah has created a doubt between the football fans thanks to his goals: Is he currently the best player in the world? Stats are the main argument on his side and there are already many people who put him above Messi, Cristiano, Neymar

“Why should we compare Cristiano Ronaldo and Mohamed Salah? I would say that, even though Cristiano’s left foot is not bad, Salah’s is better”. Jürgen Klopp pointed out the qualities from both players in an interview to Sky Sports.

As an elite coach, the German knows that they are different kind of strikers. The pharaoh does not resemble to Neymar or Messi’s current version, but his performing and stats until now are similar or better.

Salah became the African top scorer in the history of the Premier League after his Hat-Trick against Manchester United. The Egyptian has scored 15 goals in 12 games. Furthermore, he has created a new record in Liverpool after scoring in 10 consecutive games.

“I am the best player at all time in my mind. I am trying to have that confidence in my head. It does not matter if some agree and others do not”. Salah expressed to Sky Sports that he always look ways to improve by practicing plays in trainings with the coaching staff.

This talks very well of a footballer that is probably on his career’s peak at the age of 29. Devilish speed, dribbling and high scoring capacity. His features are well known. Now, let me ask you: Is Salah the best player in the world?

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Twitter @MoSalah

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