The World Cup of the discord that will take place in Qatar between November and December of 2022 can be the last chance for Neymar to reach the football Olympus and consecrate himself as one of the biggest legends of this sport in his country, just like Pelé, Ronaldo, Romario and Ronaldinho are.

That is the way the Brazilian player sees it, as he has said to DAZN on his documentary ‘The Line of Kings’ that came out this week: “I believe that Qatar will be my last World Cup. I see it as my last because I do not know if I have the strength of mind to deal with football anymore”, confessed the striker for PSG.

The documentary focuses on the tremendous value of football in Brazil, birth of the ‘jogo bonito’, as it reviews the feats of the ‘Canarinha’ in the World Cups and the meaning of this competition for a country where you have to be a World Champion if you want to get to the legend status.

Neymar Júnior, a national idol since he made his debut with Santos back in 2009, is since then the hope of his country to reach the glory again. He was the leader of the team in Brazil 2014 and a dangerous tackle on his back almost ended his career. Doctors told him that he would play again, but not in that World Cup.

He took revenge in 2016 by winning the golden medal in the Olympics, but nobody denies that, no matter how good he is, the drought of titles with the first national team is still his main absence on his record, just as Messi´s was until a few months ago.

“I think that Qatar will be my last World Cup”

Neymar Júnior to DAZN

This is a surprising statement by Neymar, as he will be 30 by the time Qatar World Cup is held. It is hard to believe that he will leave the national team that soon unless he lifts the title.

As he actually points out, winning the World Cup would mean achieving his biggest dream, as it is the maximum that a footballer can aim for: “So I’ll do everything to turn up well, do everything to win with my country, to accomplish my greatest dream since I was little. And I hope I can do it”.

Neymar is one of the most media players in the last few years and has to deal with a huge social pressure daily, but that certainly just comes with his position. However, he should not precipitate or give up early. It is true that Qatar can be his last World Cup at his best physical shape, but he still should have two opportunities ahead of him (2002 and 2026).

His mentality and ambition for reaching the everlasting glory should be his power to truly match himself with his biggest predecessors. Otherwise he will be missing the indispensable condition to be a true legend.

Main image: @CBF_Futebol.

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