The recent international break has provoked again that LaLiga is the only national league to postpone games. Non of the big leagues, which have also been affected by the national teams matches, have made such a controversial decision.

FC Barcelona, Sevilla and Villarreal were the benefited teams last time, now Atlético and Real Madrid are the ones that will be given a rest. But… Why is this rule only applied to two games? It seems like LaLiga considers as “fair” to modify the schedule for those clubs that play the Champions League on Tuesday.

And what happens to the rest of the teams that have international players? They just have to put up with it. There are simply two options: they either play or do not. The first one is risky for the player; the second one, a level decline for the team in most cases.

This is why the rest of the implicated teams have protested this time after the mess that arose in the previous occasion. Regardless of if you agree or not, this kind of discriminatory decisions adulterate the course of the competition.

There are many teams with too much to play for every weekend and their key pieces join them a day before the game with excessive accumulated tiredness. Nobody should judge which clubs/footballers are most important, and this resolutions expose LaLiga.

For example, Falcao, who has been a main player for Rayo Vallecano into the start of the season, is rejoining his team just a practice before they take on Elche. Tomas Alarcón will arrive to Spain on Saturday and travel to Barcelona on Monday. However, Granada will not have that kind of problem with Darwin Machís, as their match against Atlético has been put off.

Same situations, different conditions. This can´t be considered as fair at all. In addition, I reiterate that the the rest European Leagues have kept the regular fixture the way it was from the first moment.

The abusive quantity of games by UEFA and Conmebol plus the FIFA virus are suffered by all the clubs. To offer advantageous solutions to a few privileged shows cowardice and selfishness.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Selección de fútbol de Chile.

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