Cristiano Ronaldo has started this season with the worst numbers of his entire career. The Portuguese star, who has ended up staying at Manchester United even after expressing his desire to play in the Champions League at any cost multiple times, he has not scored a single goal yet in the Premier League, and at this time of the year, those are certainly news.

His coach at Manchester, Erik ten Hag, decided to leave him on the bench in the first games of the league after the multiple rumors on his exit throughout the transfer market window.

Cristiano, who was linked to clubs such as Borussia Dortmund, Chelsea and even Atlético de Madrid, ended up staying at Manchester not based on a personal decision, but instead because there was not any European club willing to truly bet on him.

It is clear that cristiano, at the age of 38, is not at his best shape anymore. His speed peak, which is one of the factors that made him to be one of the fastest players in the planet, left him a long time ago.

It is true that his scoring hunger remains intact, but he does not score. That is to say, he maintains the same hunger to score and wants to get all the balls, but he is more inaccurate than ever before and he is not either quick on his movements.

Against Real Sociedad in the Europa League (the first time ever that he played in this competition), we saw the most frustrated Cristiano. He tried it all but anyone could tell that he was not alright. As a result, he has not scored a single goal with his national team since June and since May 2nd with his club. These are numbers that he had never experienced before in his career.

This season, he still remains unable to score or to give any assists in the first six games he has participated so far in the Premier League. A player that has around 700 goals in one of the most successful careers in the history of football.

The age is a key factor and who knows if definitive. To say that we have already witnessed the best games of Cristiano Ronaldo is obvious. However, it is also true that Cristiano always ends up showing up sooner or later.

It is true that his decline is already taking place and that he will never reach the 50 goals per season that he used to, but you can never doubt of Cristiano, even when everything else seems to go the opposite way.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @ManUtd.

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