It all changed on July 10th 2018, exactly four years ago today. Another summer the soap opera is taking place. The name of the top scorer in history is being desperately linked to the biggest European clubs. Cristiano Ronaldo and his manager, Jorge Mendes, might be the most privileged people in the football industry; however, when things do not go the right way on the field the rush for finding an optimum project to what the Portuguese can add comes up.

This has happened for the last two seasons. A year ago, due to the lack of reliability of Juventus, as they put an end to their dynasty in Italy, Cristiano returned to Manchester in order to play the Champions League. However, he also thought about other options and was even offered and rejected by clubs with bigger goals.

The reality is that, beyond the comfort that the striker finds in Manchester, the challenged that he accepted to face at United was huge, specially at his age. There are not doubts regarding to Cristiano’s competitiveness, but at this time of his career he just does not rely on himself anymore and yes indeed on the right complements: both footballers and playing idea.

Despite ll of this, he has finished another season season with very outstanding numbers from the individual perspective, and United were even close to achieve their only goal of the year: to qualify to the Champions League. The final slope at Old Trafford avoided it.

As the outcome was approaching, the face of the Portuguese showed what now is happening and what is about to take place from now on to September. His ending with Juventus might have brought less doubts, but any entity willing to hire Cristiano knows that the Champions League is the main requirement.

Both the competition and the player need each other. Winner of five titles and even more important for him, owner of mostly all the records; Cristiano is not only one of the best players in the history of football, but also a brand; the great brand. Cristiano Ronaldo “makes gold” everything that surrounds him; yes, between quotation marks because there are also inept people unable to take advantage of that.

Currently under a post economical crisis and a market inflation context, the clubs have increased their interest in the financial revenue and the Portuguese striker is the king at this. This is why, even at the final stage of his career, Chelsea and, even Oliver Khan might deny it, Bayern, think about signing him.

Cristiano is a market opportunity that assures a high quantity of goals, the experience from the number 1 and a financial revenue only with his presence in the Champions League.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @realmarid.

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