Atlético de Madrid are already underway ahead of their next season and there is a specific name that is expected to bounce back and lead the team of Cholo Simeone, as he precisely boosted his career on his first time as a ‘Rojiblanco’: Antoine Griezmann.

The Frenchman player, whose prime took place between the 15/16 and 18/19 campaigns, has suffered a huge slope since he decided to move to Barcelona, the biggest mistake of his career. He wanted to win “more” titles and returned dragging himself under a clear collapse of his level, as he was always in the shadow of the best and untouchable, Leo Messi.

Meanwhile, Atlético won LaLiga that Antoine has not lifted yet and took advantage of the revenue he left in order to sign who seemed to be his replacement, the diamond expected to be among the ‘Top 5’ players worldwide throughout the next decade and who, paradoxically, is going to be his partner in the offensive duo towards the next season: João Félix.

Football, just as life, is constantly flipping around, and Griezmann is a clear example of that. Pure quality winger during his time at Real Sociedad, he ended up in the right hands at Atlético under Cholo Simeone, who upgraded his talent and made him to become a very completed attacking player that eventually joined the football podium.

He even joined the famous table of Messi and Cristiano, which is amazing, but then he decided to film a documentary, play the savior role and a year later undo his own circus, instead of staying at his perfect ‘Rojiblanco’ ecosystem that was specifically designed for him.

He moved to the Camp Nou and suddenly became an apathetic and erratic player that was even a hindrance for the 10. He was just a simple great defender at pressing that couldn’t add anything else to the team. Two years missing and a reality check that was the result of the poor decision he made. Then he just begged to return to his origins in order to make up for his mistake.

Now he does not act like a superstar anymore and either goes to the TV programs to say that he would like to play for other teams. He is just not about to drag the attention off the field. In fact, now we must see if he manages to stand out on the itch, which I believe he will.

Atlético have activated the second year of loan on Griezmann due to a personal request by coach Simeone, who has always believed in him. If he plays at least 50% of the games, Atlético will be forced to buy him for 40 million euros at his 32 years old. An excessive price for his age and performing in the last three seasons, but not exorbitant compared to what he previously offered and the revenue he provided at first with his transfer to Barcelona.

Many people doubt that Griezmann can get back to his highest level from his first time at Atlético, but Cholo will certainly rebuild that ecosystem that that made him shine that much in order to power up the creativity and goals he can add.

Griezmann is aware of the fact that he can’t demand neither talk anymore, but just add and stay quiet. This is his last bullet to return to his best level and redeem himself from the decision whose abyss is still trying to escape from.

Main image: @Atleti.

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