Every story has a beginning and an end. Footballers, no matter how big they are, are also human beings. Their careers have a expiring date (at least in the elite). Messi and Cristiano will be out of the Champions League quarter finals for the second year in a row. Is it the end of their story?

It is clear that they both still play for top clubes and it would not be strange at all that they would extend their stay in the elite even more. However, participating or being decisive are not the same. Being good or being the best in the world are not either.

“This is what happens to players who want to longer. Their careers are over and I think they both need to be happy with what they have accomplished in the las 15 years. They were above the others and now it is normal it is normal for them to slow down”, Nicolas Anelka told RMC Sport.

“I am more surprised with Messi han with Ronaldo, I thought that Messi would turn around in France and Ronaldo would have more difficulties in England because, for me, the Premier League is the most demanding championship in the world”, added the Frenchman.


Messi and Cristiano have not finished their careers yet, but the truth is that they have lost importance on the international scenario. The Argentinian has completed his reconversion to a pure ‘playmaker’ and is performing at a good level. However, he has turned out to experience an unfavorable environment at PSG.

On the other hand, the Portuguese is having an irregular season and Manchester United is not precisely the paradise. Instead, there are players who, apart from having a relevant present, also have a bright future ahead of them.

Haaland, Mbappé, Foden, Pedri, Rúben Dias, Vinicius Jr, Havertz, Alexander-Arnold, Davies… the list is long. These are all footballers who are part of a generational replacement and aim to be the best in the world.

Football is in good hands, but the end of a golden era is getting close. Messi and Cristiano are the symbols of an incredible generation. A generation that made many of us to fall in love with this sport. We grew up along with them and now it is time to thank them.

Thanks for everything to the best in the world.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Edit José Manuel Calviño.

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