The elimination of Manchester City against Real Madrid has brought new doubts to the project of the club. Several players have been questioned, but there is an important exception. Bernardo Silva has shined not only in the Champions League, but also throughout the entire season.

The Portuguese has been a key player for City once again and has even increased his level. “He is the best. He was also the best when we won the league with 98 points 2 or 3 years ago. Just check out the videos and you will see. He decreased a little bit after that season because he was not playing at his favorite position, but now he is back”, said Guardiola after the first leg against Sporting CP.

However, this statement does not mean that Bernardo is not a polyvalent player at all. “Bernardo Silva is unique. He can perfectly play in six different positions. Many players play well, but he also understands the game”, added the Spanish coach.

Throughout his career in the team, the Lisbon has played as an interior midfielder, winger, playmaker and ‘fake 9’. He is left footer but knows how to use the right as well, which has contributed him to be able to perform great from both wings.

The truth is that he is know displaying his best football as an interior. His game vision and technical quality have now come up to the bests. However, his different feature is his addition without the ball: he knows how to press effectively and his physical effort when defending is huge.

In the semifinals against Real Madrid he made an exhibition of his talent once again and it has not taken too long for rumors to arise on a possible move to the Santiago Bernabéu. Also Barça keep an eye on him.

Bernardo Silva wanted to leave Manchester City last summer, but he ended up extending his contract. Now we will have to see what his plans will be towards the next transfer market. No matter if he stays or he moves to another club, it is clear that we will keep enjoying of his football in the best scenarios of Europe.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Twitter @BernardoCSilva.

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