The season of Barça is not over yet, but the club has already started to plan on the next transfer market. The list of names is already on the table and signing cheap is a priority for Barcelona. Since the arrival of Xavi, the making of the roster has been changing with strengths in winter that have helped the coach to change the course of the team.

RaphinhaKessiéAzpilicueta and Rüdiger recently are some of the names that Barça are interested in for next season, even though there are still several important renewals to take care of first.

Araújo takes over defense:

With a top physical shape and the reliability he shows, Ronald Araújo is the best news for Barça in defense. His contract expires in June 2023 and the negotiations are being tough. The Uruguayan adds a lot of secureness backwards and he can both play as a central defender and as a right back.

His last game against Real Madrid is the perfect example of why Araújo is so important for Xavi, as he earned every duel against Vinicius thanks to his physical superiority and outstanding speed, apart from the header he sent in a corner kick to score Barça’s second goal.

Offers from other clubs are on the table, but Barça should make an effort to convince Araújo. Recently there were rumors on negotiations for Chelsea’s central defender Antonio Rüdiger, as his contract expires this summer as well, but his salary request is too high for what Barça is looking for.

Gavi, imminent renewal:

At the age of 17, Gavi is the revelation player for Barça. The young players certainly stepped up when the team needed them due to a roster full of injuries and the exit of Leo Messi.

Gavi’s case is the one that stands out the most, as he joined the first time by the time Pedri was injured and adding since minute one. Now with the arrival of Xavi and the return of Pedri, the academy player maintains his growth in his game just as Barça are showing a huge improvement on theirs.

His top quality with the ball on his feet at such a young age is really astonishing, but not as much as the ability that he has to steal the ball by helping his team on pressing on the opponent’s half, which is one of Xavi’s Barça new keys. The renewal of the young player seems to be going in the right direction, which is why Barça are securing the future of their midfield.

Last chance for Dembélé:

The agreement between the club and the Frenchman seemed impossible back in winter, but the team’s current situation and the outstanding performance by Dembélé under Xavi brings up a last opportunity to extend his contract.

The bet from the coach to give minutes to the player and not leaving him out of the team has turned out to be a good decision. The Frenchman is the top assistant at Barça and is adding the speed and dribbling that his coach requires from him.

Aubameyang is being a key factor on his good mood, as they have a great relationship since they played together at Borussia Dortmund.

In case they did not reach an agreement, Barça could think of buying Adama Traoré (30 millions) or getting back Trincão if the Wolves decided not to keep him.

In any case, we will see which strategy takes the board of directors regarding to the making of the roster towards next season. No doubt that the first step is to secure what they already have.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Twitter @FCBarcelona_es.

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