Ousmane Dembélé has clearly proved a lot of talent at dribbling (whenever he has not been injured) and lack of professionalism and discipline, contempt and selfishness since he arrived at FC Barcelona. If we take a look at the way he plays and his attitude during the negotiations to extend his contract, I think we can all agree on a noun that symbolizes what the Frenchman does on and off the field: the deceit.

Dembélé has been a chaotic and extremely individual footballer throughout his entire time at Barça. He came through an excessive transfer price in a disastrous summer for the club where Neymar left and they intended to make him a top player worldwide that he has only proved to be in few games and not the most decisive ones during his time at Barcelona, as he has not barely shown any continuity.

Dembélé has barely played 51,4% of the games at Barça (126 out of 245 possible matches) where he has only scored 30 goals and given 22 assists. He is the man that has been paid throughout all this time and despite his poor contribution while the club was almost in bankrupt due to a negligent management.

Neither the arrival of Xavi, who has shown huge confidence on Dembélé in order for him to become a franchise player for Barça, and the intentions from the Frenchman of extending his contract that he has transmitted to he coaching staff have matched with the excessive economic requirements that his agents have demanded to the club, which are completely unreachable at the moment.

His contract expires in June and the player is now free to negotiate with any club. Barcelona have now a scenario ahead of them where they should try to sell him in this winter transfer market so they avoid to not get any revenue from him in summer. The positive aspect for the entity is the addition of Ferran and the high commitment shown by Abde in order to succeed at Barça.

Dembélé, the deceit teacher, has chosen to be an authentic ungrateful.

Main image: Twitter @FCBarcelona_es.

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