New Year has come strong in England. Romelu Lukaku has been the main character of the weekend with an interview conceded to Sky Sport where he left some quotes that have shaken up Chelsea’s locker-room.

“Physically I’m doing great. I’m just not very happy with the situation, but that’s normal. I think the boss has decided to play a different formation but I have to stick at it and get on with it professionally”, Lukaku said.

He also had some words for his old club Inter Milan: “I don’t think any of it should have happened the way it did. The way I left Inter and the way I communicated with the Inter fans”.

The Belgian striker apologized to the Inter fans and he expressed his desire to play for them again while he can offer an optimum level to win trophies.

Thomas Tuchel talked about this last Friday:

“I don’t like it because it brings noise that we don’t need. It’s just not helpful. On the other side, we don’t want to make more out of it than it actually is. You know very well how it is – it’s very easy to take lines out of context. It’s very easy to shorten lines and make headlines, then later realise that it’s not so bad and maybe not what he meant. I don’t feel him unhappy. I feel him the exact opposite, that’s why it’s a surprise”, said Tuchel.

The truth is that, according to Jacob Steinberg and Sachin Nakrani from The Guardian, The German coach has already dealt with the issue with Lukaku and he has not been called him up for today’s game against Liverpool (16:30).

We will keep track of the newness, but it is clear that the situation is complicated and the Belgian’s future at Chelsea could be compromised.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @ChleseaFC.

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