The end of the 2020/21 season meant big losses for LaLiga. Apart from the heart breaking exit of Messi, it was the time to leave for some special coaches that certainly increased the level of the competition. Of course Zidane was one of them. However, we must also stand out the local ones: No doubt that Diego Martínez and José Luis Mendilibar are two coaches that neither LaLiga and Spain should never break off.

The first one decided to go in search of other dreams after accomplishing a feat with Granada, and we are sure that he will find the right place sooner or later. On the other hand, Mendilibar and his Eibar fought to avoid the relegation until the last moment, but this time they did not pull it off. Their drop to the second division snatched us one of the most charismatic teams. A real home team with few resources that was able to practice an attractive football and challenge the big clubs.

The axis of everything: Mendilibar. Not too many coaches can show off the love and admiration from both any fan and his partners. This way, if Eibar’s relegation deprived LaLiga from one of the most talented and oldest teacher, his exit from Ipurúa increased even more his feeling.

Once the current season started, it seemed strange that no club had hire him. Maybe he had proposals and it was just a matter of motivation, but the smell of old football that he brings along is perfect to lead any project or, as weeks pass by, reverse a poor performing situation.

Now, four months after the first fixture, Alavés has resorted to Mendilibar in order to save the ‘Glorioso’. Maybe too late, but at least he is back. We do not know what their final outcome will be, but we are sure that we will see a well-recognized team with a solid identity, hard work and nice football. If Alavés’ board of directors change their patience with this hiring, then we will have to say that this was the right call.

To recover coaches with the profile of Mendilibar that are so related to Spain and our football culture, added to the arising schools that work on different styles, is the best way to revalue LaLiga.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Twitter @Alaves.

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