The season by Los Angeles Lakers is being disappointing. The results are not going as expected and LeBron James is the only one to step up in a team that is showing a lot of doubts.

Data say it all:

The small forward is averaging 27.4 points, 6.8 rebounds and 6.5 assists per game. These stats are a bit lower than his career average, but they are still very good numbers. Very good, but not enough. LeBron James can’t put the entire Lakers on his back and outcomes prove it.

There is not better summary than this video to see the Lakers’ situation. LeBron James is dunked by Nic Claxton at the game against the Brooklyn Nets.

Los Angeles Lakers are the 5th worst team offensively in the league, behind the Detroit Pistons, Oklahoma City Thunder, Orlando Magic and Los Angeles Clippers. Free throws are a real nightmare for the team, as they are the second franchise with the worst percentage on this area. Struggles keep accumulating and Frank Vogel is in the spotlight.

The team does not match the expectations:

The season is being very disappointing due to several facts such as the poor performance by Russell Westbrook, who joined as a star sign; the constant injuries from Anthony Davis; and the short endurance from these veteran Lakers. The addition of Isaiah Thomas could be a good help for the team, but his contract is finally not going to be extended.

The reality is that these Lakers are not as a strong group as they were last season or the previous one. They are 9th in the Western Conference with 16 wins, and 18 defeats. Furthermore, they are going through a negative streak where they have lost five games in a row. Can LeBron James take these Lakers to the Playoffs?

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Los Ángeles Lakers website.

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