To play a World Cup is the biggest dream for any footballer. However, to be an elite player or to play for a top national team does not guarantee to participate in this tournament. This year, names like Mohamed Salah, Erling Haaland, David Alaba o Marco Verratti will not be in Qatar. Luis Díaz is in this same exact situation.

Colombia have disappointed in this qualifiers despite having top individual quality team. The poor management from their leaders and Reinaldo Rueda is what has brought the country to the disaster.

On his side, Luis Díaz has stepped up as the reference of his team. His excellent level both with Colombia and Porto allowed him to sign for Liverpool. His performances prove his potential: now he is also a Premier League star.

Despite it all, Luis Díaz will miss the Qatar World Cup. At the age of 25, it was a golden opportunity to make the most out of this great momentum in his career. By the next edition, he will be 29. It will more than likely be his only chance to play such a tournament at an optimal level.

Other referents of this national team like James have already shown their doubts regarding to participating in 2026: “Nobody more than us, as a family, knows the sadness that we are feeling and even more when thinking that this was the last opportunity for me”, said Cuadrado on Instagram.

Colombia will have to take a new course. Some players will step aside and some others will join the path. What it is clear is that Luis Díaz will stay as the key pillar of the team.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Twitter @LuisFDiaz19.

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