Cristiano Ronaldo has a name that really stands out for all his incredible trajectory. In fact, it is the most known name in football along with Messi. However, names do not win games. Reputation must be shown on the field.

The case of Cristiano is paradigmatic. Criticizing such a legend is a whole heresy for millions of fans in the world, bu he his having a very poor season. Sometimes the truth is painful. Sometimes we deny ourselves to see the reality because we know it can hurt us.

Carrington has been for several years a hostile place for any player. There are multiple cases of players that fail in here despite being successful in other clubs. I have detailed in previous occasions the problems of Manchester United, but it all comes from the fact that this is a man-eating team.

It is obvious that Cristiano is not playing by the best possible partners either. The group does not pull off to unite themselves and overcome their embarrassments, which affects directly the Portuguese’s performing. However, he has a big part of responsibility as well.

His movements without the ball are totally unproductive. His logical lack of speed and even less resistance weaken the high pressure that Rangnick tries to carry out and also harms him in the duels.

In other words, the contribution of Cristiano to the team is almost non-existent. Instead, Cavani is the other side of the coin: all the system notably improves with him. This is why it is not any craziness to say that Cristiano should be left on the bench more often.

Not all that glitters is gold and even less at Manchester United.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Twitter @Cristiano.

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