It would be one of the most controversial signings in the history of football. It would be the most unnatural deal possible. Cristiano Ronaldo is interested in signing for Atlético de Madrid and the ‘Rojiblancos’ are considering to carry out the operation in case they earn the required revenue. It is certainly hard to believe with everything that has been going on between both parties.

It is sure to say that Cristiano Ronaldo is, by far, the most hated player by Atlético de Madrid fans and the one who has harmed the entity the most through his 25 goals in 37 games against the ‘Rojiblancos’. It is safe to say that Cristiano has been the most disrespectful person to Atlético de Madrid.

Inappropriate statements, gestures, celebrations and goals that will forever break Atlético fans’ hearts like the ones scored from the penalty spot at both Champions League finals at Lisbon and Milan; or the hat-trick with Juventus the day that he knocked out Atlético all by himself and grabbed his testicles to answer to Simeone.

That without counting the multiple goals from free kicks mainly scored only against Atlético by showing his quadriceps in order to challenge the Calderón Stadium, or the other hat-trick in the 2017 Champions League semifinals to kill once again the eternal dream of Atlético to lift the most prestigious European competition. He has been in all the photos because Cristiano has been the biggest executioner for Atlético in their entire history and the most feared player for their fans.

On the other hand, we must analyze the identity of Atlético de Madrid fans and the values that they stick by. In fact, they are all against what Cristiano represents, as he stands for everything that is rejected by their eternal rival, Real Madrid, whose biggest legend is also Cristiano: prepotency, contempt and bragging. “Proud to not be like you”.

That motto was the answer from the real ‘Atléticos’ to the ‘Whites’ underestimation and a message to show to the football world that, in the day of another knockout in the Champions League against their eternal superior and in a magical Calderón Stadium under the rain in its farewell, loyalty to a shield and a belonging feeling to a group is above titles. Another way of living that man can’t just understand.

Atlético respond to Real Madrid: "Proud to not be like you"
Atlético sent a message to Real Madrid in the second leg of the Champions League semifinals back in 2017: “Proud to not be like you”. Source: @Atleti.

However, Atlético as a club have taken an opposite direction to what they members demand, as they have resigned to part of their essence through their decisions. To sell the name of the stadium, to allow to modify the shield and now launch new jerseys with circular stripes on it as a supposed answer to marketing trends that certainly attacks against the history of the original jersey and the looking to it.

All of it to finish the season needing to earn 40 million revenue from sells despite qualifying for the Champions League just to cover up the basic and most urgent need in the roster, which is to sign a right back, and nothing else. Cristiano would just be the definitive step in this dark process to the less posible Atlético in order to culminate a betray to values that should be untouchable.

Cristiano is the best striker in the history of football and would guarantee 25 goals in a roster where there are many offensive players but just one pure forward, which is in fact the one who is left over. Simeone, just like Cristiano, is a born winner and believes that the Portuguese would fix most of Atlético’s issues and would actually allow them to battle for titles.

And that would probably be true, but by betraying all the values from the ‘Rojiblancos’ and set a social fire without neither precedents nor extinction forecast. We can’t forget that Cristiano does not even want to play for Atlético after all, but just being in a Champions League squad. Atlético are just one of the candidates to be his lifeguard and prevent him from missing the main European stage next season.

For the club, bringing him would be to revolt to the arrogance that they have criticized that much and going against the feelings of their own fans. It would certainly be to fade away what Atlético represents.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Edit Manuel Aguayo.

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