There has been some Barça’s conformism after their defeat in Munich against Bayern, which has brought two very different perspectives: On on side, there are those who are happy just for the improvement of the team and for having competed against a big them like Bayern. On the other side, there are others who think that a club like Barcelona can’t hide a defeat in the Champions League just for having competed.

I am in the second group. It is true that FC Barcelona comes from a huge crisis, have lost five consecutive games against Bayern Munich, and their new signings must still adapt themselves to the team… All o that is true, but a club like Barça can’t be satisfied for having lost “only” by two goals in Munich.

Yes indeed, the improvement of the team did not go unnoticed and Xavi has done a magnificent job so far (Barça even dominated the most part of the game). But if this team really wants to battle for the Champions League, or at least opt to reach the quarter finals or semifinals, the ball must go in.

Football does not wait for anyone and, in the end, it is all based on the final score. Nobody will remember in ten years that Barcelona had a great game at Munich. Or maybe they do if this really becomes a turning point. But what will stay in time is that Bayern beat Barça once again for the fifth consecutive time in the last two years.

But beyond the score and the improvement, the main problem of Barça is precisely the best quality of their biggest rival , Real Madrid: their mental toughness. Real Madrid would have never won the Champions League last season without their mentality. They are the best at that. And Barça are currently not even half way The ‘Whites’ mental toughness wise.

Barça’s defensive structure really worked out greatly until Bayern’s first goal. However, from Lucas Hernández’s goal on right into the start of the second half, that security fragility backward not only provoked Bayern’s second goal, but also a series of defensive breakdowns that could have ended in another humiliating defeat to Bayern if they have had more accuracy at finishing.

All in all, the speech of having competed and improved is true, but it is extremely conformist for an entity of Barça’s level. You can certainly win most of this kind of games at LaLiga for different factors, but once you play in Europe, effectivity and accuracy are most of the time more important that the playing style.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @FCBarcelona_es.

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