Chelsea have hired Graham Potter from Brighton and Hove Albion FC as their new head coach after an unexpected sack of Thomas Tuchel in order to try to change the course of the poor start by the ‘Blues’ into the new season.

However, there are multiple fans and journalists linked to the club that do not consider at all that Chelsea were going through such a bad moment to change their coach, as Tuchel was the manager that made Chelsea to lift the Champions League trophy just a year and a half ago.

In fact, Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea had already earned their own identity. A tough defense formed by three central defenders and two full backs, a midfield influenced by creativity and balance, and an offensive area were movements from the strikers were a key aspect in their actions.

Tuchel had found the key to make it all work out. Chelsea were a real team. In fact, their start into the new season last year proved that. They stayed on top until December and made it almost impossible for their opponents to score them a goal.

There were actually plenty of people who thought that Chelsea could battle the title until the ned against other teams like Liverpool or Manchester City. However, Chelsea started a rebuild process after the sale of the club to Todd Boehly and the exit of Roman Abramovich that resulted in a difficult end of the last season and with the team finishing very far away from the top (but still qualified for the Champions League, which was the main goal after all).

In this season, the ‘Blues’ have shown more doubts that knowns, specially in the defensive area. A humiliating defeat at Elland Road against Leeds United by 3-0 and another one against Southhampton (2-1) plus a draw at Stamford Bridge against Tottenham and another defeat in their Champions League debut against Dinamo Zagreb have ended with Todd Boehly’s patience, who has not doubted at all on cutting Tuchel’s contract.

New Chelsea’s owner decided to hire Graham Potter as the new head coach as a personal bet. It is true that he joins as the main responsible for the best Brighton in history, but his hiring is risky because he does not have the experience of coaching a big team. Graham Potter has left the ‘Seagulls’ in Champions League spots after earning 13 points in the first six games of the season.

No doubt that we are talking about one of the coaches with the most projection and future from English football. His talent as a coach has been totally proved, but it is also true that he has counted on full confidence on him at Brighton and they have given him all the time that he has needed to make things work out. In fact, he has been given time to loose games and adapt himself to the Premier League demand. Of course, he will not enjoy of that time at a team like Chelsea , as they are going to expect the best from him since day one.

His Champions League debut ended on a draw at Stamford Bridge against RB Salzburgo. result that can be considered as a step back for Chelsea on their attempt to make it to the round of 6, s they are now bottom of the table with just a point in two games.

The margin of improvement is huge and Graham Potter has already proved that he has the required personality to shape and transform a Premier League team to his feature, but Brighton are not Chelsea, and we still do not know how he will manage a ‘Big Six’.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @ChelseaFC.

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