Atlético de Madrid and Real Madrid face each other off tonight at 9pm at the Cívitas Metropolitano Stadium. A classic duel between two antagonistic ways of both playing football and understanding life. Two inverse playing styles and rosters. Two opposite ways of living this sport and defending inherent values to their shields and fans. Who rules the capital city?

Anyone would think that Real Madrid, as they are the most successful club in history, but that is not the case. If we all love football, that is mostly because only the present matters, which is why the one who rules is always the last to win both in the capital city and anywhere else.

It is true that Real Madrid are most of the time the favorite team to get the victory at any game based on their winning capacity and resistance, added to a top roster endorsed by their last conquers, and this is not an exception.

Even more if they have to face an Atlético in search of their essence and are a bit confused for the greatness of their most recent past, founded on a clear football and life style “the team of the people against the powerful squads”, that today is being as demanded as them for having gotten so close to what it seemed so far away, but forgetting that they do not have the required resources to battle them.

Atlético have been dealing with a deep internal conflict for a long time between trying to imitate the biggest clubs playing wise, or sticking to what it has worked out for them. And the result of staying halfway is what is damaging them the most.

Between the people, nobody would dare to criticize Cholo Simeone before because the Argentinian coach was the good, their minister. Now a gap is expanding towards the fans and there is a considerable number of people that think that everything has an end and so Cholo Simeone does, despite having changed the history of an entire club.

However, there are some chronic aspects in the dynamic of the ‘Rojiblancos’ that can be witnessed at almost any game. Atlético play way better with Griezmann on the field, but Simeone is forced to leave him on the bench for an external issue. A club’s matter; Witsel and Reinildo are both irreplaceable in order to hold the team; Atlético do not have any top midfielder that can play the ball properly (a clone of Witsel) and Koke lowers his level as a ‘5’; Joao wants to lead the team and tries his best, but he lacks of partners to carry out his job; and Morata, even though many defended him just for scoring a brace in the first fixture, has only scored a single goal since then.

This way, as things stand right now for Atlético, and facing a perfect winning machine like Real Madrid, who always get the victory under any circumstance, Atlético are already facing a red light on their way in LaLiga that is warning them that a defeat tonight would definitely take them out of the battle for the title (where I do not think that they will last for too long) in the middle of September. A total KO.

The previous days ahead of this game have been fired up by a stupid and artificial controversy that only proves that, unfortunately, in Spain people do not really want to talk about football. #DanceVini, if that is what he wants and the game allows him to. But count on the mess, for sure.

After all, Koke, who they have manipulated something he has not said at all, tonight will even Adelardo as the player with the most games in the history of Atlético (553). An absolute legend of such an entity such Atlético at the age of 30. Nobody has barely talked about this, as they were all too busy trying to expand a ridiculous fire. “This is the society that we live in” (Cholo Simeone). How right he is, and how sad.

A football game is taking place tonight, a crucial one, but it is not a war after all, as many have tried to create. Who rules in the capital city? On the field, the main characters will attempt to impose their weapons in order to defend their way of understanding life. Out of the field, everyone has been proved once again the kind of person he is.

Main image: Edit José Manuel Calviño.

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