Real Madrid finished the 21-22 season the best possible way. The Champions League and LaLiga title in a year where they likely did not start as the main candidates to reign in Europe. If we also take into account that one of their two most outstanding players, Benzema or Courtois, will win the Golden Ball, the success is absolute.

Furthermore, we can’t forget about the moral victory from the sporting and institutional crisis of Atlético de Madrid and Barcelona. Their two main opponents smoothed the path in the Spanish Championship.

However, there is never too much time for celebrations. Once one season is over, planning towards the next one must start right away in order to repeat or increase the numbers. In fact, sometimes the preparation starts very early, as in this specific case.

This is about a management that requires a group of millimeter decisions, even more if we talk about a club like Real Madrid due to their history, media repercussion and performing demand. Who must leave, who must come in: What does a team that has lifted the two most important titles need? In reality, just a few or even nothing at all. In fact, Real Madrid and President Florentino have barely made any movements in this transfer market. Only two additions that have been market opportunities, which are Rüdiger and a future bet like Tchouaméni.

The Whites have afforded an investment of 80 million euros for a single player that comes in in order to carry out a future renewal of something that still works out. In other words, Real Madrid consider that the current roster does not need pluses. In fact, it required to get rid of the ballast that has ended up leaving, even though it is true that the titles and the data back their position. In the offensive area, the only one without any strengthens so far, the scored goals was very high: Benzema, 44 goals, Vinicius 22, Asensio 12 and Rodrygo 9, which in total add all the way up to 87 goals.

However, for such big entities there are other different external factors that define the value of the squad. In the case of Real Madrid, there are tow main ones: the rebuild of the competition and the frustrated signing of Mbappé.

No doubt that it all changes with the recovered and ready Barça to battle again for LaLiga. There was no rival for Ancelotti’s squad before and now Barça are the main candidates by names and investment. Xavi has gotten his requests and they want to counter the greatness of Benzema with Lewandowski, which is a goal guarantee and difference maker player.

We must remind you the Karim-dependency at scoring that Real Madrid suffered last season. Beyond the scoring effectiveness, the playing style was all based on his feet and the team’s mood was clearly influenced by the Frenchman’s presence on the field. So, what can happen if Benzema gets injured? Real Madrid would have a serious problem. Any trip is expensive and not having a replacement is too risky.

On the other hand, Mbappé. Kylian was the desire of the president and the Withes fans, but, Was he really a need? It seemed so when you are willing to invest 200 million in a player. A bet that closed the door to other options like Haaland or Gabriel Jesús afterwards. Now, Mbappé’s refuse to come should not determine the arrival of a piece that can complete the puzzle. Exact the opposite, as Real Madrid can carry out a new low cost plan based on complementing Benzema and adding goals.

Time puts everyone it its right place, but if we think about it deeply, Ancelotti is missing something towards such a tough and different season.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Twitter @realmadrid.

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