With the transfer market right around the corner, and after an incredible season for Real Madrid with the brace of LaLiga and the Champions League, the club and Asensio face a turbulent summer with three possible decisions on the table to make: renewal, sell or wait.

The contract of Asensio expires next summer and from the ‘Whites’ board of directors are starting to think that the time to dispense with a more than amortized player since he joined in June 2015 has come: a symbolic investment of just 3.7 million euros, six high level seasons and 14 total titles back the bet from Florentino back when he signed him. An approximate value of 50 millions and the strong interest from multiple European clubs invite for a transfer.

Throughout all this time, Asensio has been a clear example of ups and downs. Despite his scoring effectiveness in key moments, neither his football, circumstances nor his lack of ambition have allowed him to become a starting, untouchable and franchise player for Real Madrid. He has never been either of them.

Still resonates that devastating quote from Asensio right after Cristiano left: “I am not the one who has to take the lead”, he said. And he did not lie at all, as he has never shown the desire to be in the podium of Real Madrid. He has always preferred to have a secondary role, even though he had the talent to go for more.

The arrival of young stars, of long term projects just like Asensio was back in the days, have left him in a background. In fact, that is the way he chose it to be. Rodrygo and Vinicius have certainly shown that hunger to succeed that Asensio has lacked of; Valverde, tireless lung, is also ahead of him; and Hazard has been warning since the end of the season that he is willing to take the last train to succeed at Real Madrid. He feels indebted. Right that last train that Asensio seems to have lost a long time ago.

There is no doubt that Asensio is a luxury bench player, but it looks like a sell is the most logical and most beneficial decision for both parts. Real Madrid know that Asensio is a big ‘marketing player’ and that they are an perfectly earn 50 millions with his transfer.

On the other hand, Asensio is aware of the fact that his time to be a leader at the Bernabéu has run out and dreams of being called up for Qatar, for what he needs minutes in advance that he has reneged all this years of in order to stand out. He will probably be able to find them in a team without all the pressure of Real Madrid.

Main image: Twitter @marcoasensio10.

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