Sevilla FC are with no course once again. It does not matter who is under charge either as the coach or the “sporting management”. The mediocrity has been installed in a too poorly managed club for a long time. However, it was Mendilibar’s fault.

Many people thought that Sevilla’s last season was just an accident with a happy end thanks to a lucky guy that fixed it all at the last minute. However, the same story takes place again in the current campaign, now without the talisman that saved it all in the bench.

It was even said (and time has proven that ti be right) that Mendilibar, who hid the poor management of the entity thanks to his outcomes, was only renewed for winning the Europa League, as there was never confidence on him to lead a program in the long term. That is to say, a patch.

However, it now seems that already without Mendilibar on the bench, but with the same precarious squad that he found the way to lead all the way to the Europa League title and to a comfortable stay, which is the only job he was originally hired for, Sevilla’s sporting struggles persist over time.

The team can’t get away from the low part of the table, collect ridiculous in the Champions League by embarrassing Spanish football with disastrous performances like the Emirates’ one against Arsenal, and stay stuck in the institutional area with José María del Nido trying to get back to the presidency.

Meanwhile Diego Alonso has still been unable to get a single win in the six games he has coached Sevilla so far in LaLiga and the Champions League after a month in charge, except for the victory against Quintanar in the Spanish Cup. In other words, Sevilla do not beat anyone.

I see people too confident, specially sporting manager Víctor Orta, on building a solid program in the long term and that this coach will be capable of changing the course of a same depleted Sevilla’s squad, as if they had not learned anything from the mistakes of the past.

And, in fact, I am very surprised about this excessive confidence on Diego Alonso, whose last job was in the World Cup of Qatar in charge of the Uruguayan National Team, where he did not even manage to advance from the group stage.

I suppose (and hope) that, with time passing by and Sevilla still stuck in the same sporting crisis than last year, people will (finally) value the work from a “low profile” considered coach like Mendilibar, who has been the only recent one to be on this bench that has managed to stabilize the sporting course of this club by making Sevilla a big fish again, even though it was only for a few months.

Yes indeed, everything he achieved was not within reach of everyone, but in the end it was Mendilibar’s fault, and he had to be fired.

Main image: @SevillaFC.

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