There is not any debate anymore. After having conquered the World Cup, Leo Messi is the best player in history. At least the best my eyes have seen. A unique player with an unbeatable trajectory, a brilliant mind to make the entire planet of enjoying of his game reading and execution of unthinkable plays, and a guy that is capable of doing everything by himself if it is needed. The greatest of all times.

Football owed Messi the only titles he was missing, and the most important one. Football owed its best representative to bounce back from his only trauma of his career, the Brasil 2014 Final defeat. The most painful one that he had been dragging for the last eight years, followed by two more in a row at the Copa America that made him to think of leaving the national team. Fortunately for him and for all of us who admire him, he returned and it all ended up being worth it. Never stop believing. Never stop trying it.

Messi has finally conquered EVERYTHING possible in football. He now has everything he deserves, for everything he has given to us. He can now retire whenever he wants to. He has now accomplished his mission in this world and completed the circle of the chosen ones.

The career of Messi has been the perfect story of a special artist that has amazed since day one at Barça, surrounded by the best allies in every position. And he won everything and multiple times with his entire career still ahead of him.

But the career of Messi has also been a story of overcoming with his country through that constant feeling of frustration and full of adversities that almost prevented him from the most wanted trophy.

Fortunately for the good of football, the story has ended the right way after several years of stupid comparatives around the only player that has always proven to be above the rest.

His incredible metamorphosis around all the possible qualities linked to a pure ‘Playmaker’, based on his interpretation of both his needs and his team’s, in that constant search of excellence. There were a few who joined the discussion, but there is no one like him. There never was and I do not know if there will ever be.

With the victory of the World Cup, Messi has established himself as the owner of football and the reason why so many of us love this sport as much as we love Messi, for being the biggest expression of the world that unites us all. Messi is synonymous of football. Thank you, Leo, for making us who admire you so hapy. And thank you, football, for allowing us to see Messi along with the biggest trophy that can be lifted.

Main image: Edit José Manuel Calviño.

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