Last week we saw some images of Isco leaving Sevilla’s practice just ten minutes after its start. It seems like there was a fight with manager Monchi and now Isco and Sevilla have ended up reaching an agreement to cut his contract, which was signed for two seasons.

It has barely been four months since Sevilla decided to sign Isco, who was a free agent by then. His final stage at Real Madrid was impacted by the lack of minutes and the instability on his performing. His contract expired in June and from then on we could see him preparing himself physically on his social media in order to join a new team.

Sevilla was his chance to feel a like a footballer again under coach Lopetegui, who he already worked with at Real Madrid. In 19 games, Isco has scored a goal in the Champions League and has given three assists. His contribution was being decent considering his lack of playing time last season, but the situation of Sevilla has not helped at all.

Manager Monchi is being questioned:

Sevilla are going through a difficult situation, as they are in relegation with 11 points in 14 games. They fired Lopetegui back in October and brought Sampaoli back. They were only able to win a game in the Champions League and they ended third in their group. As a result, they will play the Europa League, a competition that brings great memories. Regarding to the winter transfer market, Monchi will need to strengthen their roster and get rid of some players by taking advantage of their performing in the World Cup.

The manager knows that his job is being questioned due to the poor outcomes. The critics are already there and his priority will now be to sign players that can help the Argentinian coach to comeback their situation. To get out from relegation must be a request, not a goal.

On Isco’s side, there is an uncertainty on which clubs would be willing to sign him. His performing was being decent, but not at all as his prime at Real Madrid. Whatever decision he is about to make will be crucial for his future. Opportunities are running out and the magician that arose European dreams in Málaga is unfortunately too far away from the present.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @SevillaFC.

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