Great news for many and a “betray” for a few ones. Isco has signed for Sevilla, which means that he is now again a football player, or at least that is what his greatest supporter Julen Lopetegui looks forward to.

At the age of 30 and with the end of his career right around the corner, Isco has not made the most out of his full potential at all, even though playing for the most successful club in the world has allowed him to lift all kinds of titles, despite he had a secondary role in most of them. We should all regret not seeing his top playing style on the field every weekend. Of course he should be the one to regret it the most.

Inborn quality of a classic Spanish talented player, the career of Isco has been marked by a too much extended slope. He has never really taken off due to the lack of constancy on his performing, except for a few iconic flashes. We all know that Isco is the incomplete inheritor of Iniesta.

Isco experienced his European bloom with his beloved Málaga and then jumped into the exclusive club of stars. That was when his shine started to fade away, as there were plenty of other players by his side that did not overcome his quality, but had a stronger desire to not just pass by the football Olympus, but settle down in there.

Because the daily demand of this sport does not allow just talent and it has been proven that whoever does not take the most advantage out of what he has to offer and just does it whenever and how he wants to, is condemned to go down to the banishment of a long list of whimsical genius who believe that they can trade sparkles of quality for the sweat that current elite football requires non-stop.

Isco will always be a clear example of what he could have been and was not, and that is already irreversible. However, he can still make up the end of his desert crossing under the warm of an absolute admirer of his football and main responsible for the peak of his playing when Spain had the shape of a second star on their chest. Isco will enjoy with the ball again under Lopetegui and will provide with creativity to a team that needs a player like him in order to stay on the Spanish ‘Top 4’ of the table.

Now there are those who reproach Isco a supposed betray for signing for a club that is a social enemy for the one of his heart. Just for trying to take his last chance to compete at the top level while he gives time for his team to escape from a well that does not correspond to Isco before being under the right conditions to return home. Just as ridiculous as those who said that his dog was named Messi when Isco signed for Real Madrid.

The most important thing is that now Isco is going to be under an optimal ecosystem to return to his highest level. Hopefully he pulls it off.

Main image: Twitter @sefutbol

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