German football was the first to return and is expected to lead the rest on this transition towards what will be The New Football. On a strange and unusual atmosphere and an empty yellow wall, players entered the field separated to start the action. Finally the moment we were all waiting for. Starting over.

Both teams started off with a hybrid 3-4-3 system, but with two different approaches: Dortmund dominated the ball and Schalke carried out a high-pressure forward. Home team trident on top, formed by Brandt, Haaland and Hazard began very active and combinative with the ball as only the players screams were heard on the background.

Dortmund showed at first lack of speed on their ball´s movement, but they were breaking lines through passes constantly and they were getting closer and closer to the opponent´s goal as minutes passed by. You could smell the goal for Borussia and Haaland, who else would it be, took care of scoring it after a great combination by Brandt and Hazard, who assisted the Norwegian to put Dortmund ahead. Haaland celebrated it dancing alone as he was unable to hug his teammates. The first goal of the new era.

Dortmund kept their domain and continued asphyxiating Schalke until they got their second. Schalke´s keeper Schubert failed on his pass, Haaland received the ball forward and he assisted Guerreiro to put the 2-0 right before halftime. Dortmund´s clear superiority was shown on the scoreboard.

Borussia only needed a couple minutes after the break to kill the game. Ball retrieval on their own half, fast offensive transition and another outstanding drive and pass by Brandt, who showed the way to Haaland to assist Hazard and score the third one. Dortmund´s show kept going on for the rest of the game. They certainly did not show any mercy to their rival. Haaland assisted again to his teammate Guerreiro right outside the box and he shot with the exterior of his left foot to get his brace and the fourth of the game. It did not seem like Dortmund had not played for the last two months, and they still had twenty more minutes to increase their advantage.

Schalke extended their agony until the final whistle. Dortmund´s outstanding offensive performance did not give any chance to the away team. Germany will show the way for the rest to return.


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