Raúl Jimeno, more known as ‘Menottinto’ (Madrid, 1980), describes himself as an ‘Internet journalist’, which is becoming a very common characteristic in the industry thanks to the boom of the new digital platforms. However, he could consider himself a pioneer of a new digitalized journalist due to his long experience in the job.

Graduated in Journalism by the Complutense University in Madrid in 2003, he started his career in the Agencia Atlas, was a n editor for Telemadrid and Antena 3Ya.com, Community Manager for Orange, editor and Community Manager for MARCA TV. He works for Mediaset España since 2004, where he is both an editor and presenter of Deportes Cuatro, and he was also the coordinator of Radioset. Furthermore, he was part of the coverage of the European championship 2020 for Mediaset.

Menotiinto attends us on our Twitch channel in order to talk about journalism and communication, the new platforms and formats, and his beloved Atlético, as he also published his own book back in 2013, ‘Atleti, vivir en rojo y blanco’. In fact, this interview does not even follow a classic format, as it mostly becomes a debate among many topics about the industry with the audience also taking part. No doubt that this is a symptom of a new age in journalism.

For a professional like you, who has always been linked to the social media, search of images and digital aspects of journalism, Do you think that there is a change in the industry with the boom of the new digital platforms? Do you believe that this new scenario provides the young students with more opportunities? Do you consider that the traditional media must adapt to this new context?

Menottinto: Of course there is a clear change. For example, Jijantes in Spain is a referent for many people now and a great example of someone who follows the news without the support from the traditional media.

Also a prove of the fact that the industry is changing is that the more traditional media are trying to imitate to this new trending way of making journalism and that clearly attracts way more to the young public.

I believe that the traditional media will always struggle with the schedule aspect. We all used to know that Deportes Cuatro was at 3pm and everyone was there to watch it, but now it is all kind of like a non-stop content. I believe that the traditional media must follow that direction in order to satisfy a demand that does not have any schedules anymore.

Do you value this change in journalism with the boom of the new platforms as something positive, negative, or just natural?

Menottinto: For me it is something natural and positive. in fact, there is already meetings within our producer about this change. I also believe that the pandemic really influenced in our media consuming habits, as the ‘talking’ formats were not as common as now before. All of this is mostly brought on Twitch and I think that this new trend is also being seen on TV, for example through journalists such as Mercedes Milá or Carlos del Amor on TVE. Now it is all about interviews.

This way, it is not just about the boom of the new platforms, but also the emergence of new formats and genders like this interview/debate, which is actually more close to a chat.

Menottinto: Exactly, I think that there was a time when people like me really admired professionals like Ana Pastor and her way to make aggressive interviews. However, I feel like, after the emergence of these new formats, sometimes we even feel kind of uncomfortable with aggressive interviews. Now it is more common to watch programs with good vibes only.

And what do you think of the controversy that has come up between the workers of the industry when some footballers have conceded interviews to streamers like Ibai Llanos instead of journalists?

Menottinto: I think that even us we have been able to overcome it. However, I might said that I never really understood it. The main characters will talk with whoever they want to and feel more comfortable with. We can’t be measuring and judging the whole time.

Ibai himself has said it multiple times, he makes entertainment, he makes programs with people that he can even consider friends, and then if they want to tell him important things that are relevant to sports journalism and not to me, that is fine too. In the end he is not making journalism, as for that you must make uncomfortable questions.

In your personal case, Do you have in mind to open up your own Twitch channel?

Menottinto: I have made the opposite decision, I have always been late, I think that nowadays too many people have a Twitch channel, so I think that I am just going to wait for the next new platform (just kidding).

Seriously, I have thought about it and I love all these new formats, but they certainly require a dedication that I can’t give them right now. I think that the right way to do it is like you guys, with consistency.

For those young journalism students, or just for people like us who have started their own entrepreneurial project, Do you think that now it is easier for them to join a media company thanks to the platforms they have available to display themselves?

Menottinto: I like the question. I think so and I do not think so. It is also true that I tend to have a negative perspective of things. On one hand, I think that now it is harder to stand out because we are all trying to fish in the same spot.

On the other, it provides you with a great image that you are able to have your own programe with a consistency, that really talks well of your motivation to make yourself a name and it certainly attracts other people.

Of course it does not hurt at all to have your own media when asking for a job in the future at other companies, but I think that even the problem will be that in the end you will not want to come and it will be us the ones who want to join other kinds of projects.

You already have a great notoriety in your social media and a trajectory on TV that allow you to be well known, which is certainly an advantage if you decided to open up your own Twitch channel.

Menottinto: I want to think so, but in the end I believe that we are all perfectly aware of the kind of public we have in our social media. In my case, I feel like whoever follows me on twitter expects me to talk about Atlético. We all have to specialize based on our audience’s interests.

Let’s talk about Atlético

How do you grade their season?

Menottinto: Too average. I give them a 6. They have not stood out at anything. The good thing about this Atlético of Cholo is that they always give you something each season. There have been some exciting moments in the Champions League, but I honestly do not think that any of the players will be satisfy or think that they have had an 8 this season.

Simeone himself has admitted that for him it has been a wasted season. Worst part for me is that we have not taken advantage of the fact of winning LaLiga last year, which is something that already happened back in the 96 and 2014.

Cholo Simeone Atlético
Cholo Simeone, via Twitter @Atleti.

We were told that Atlético had the one of their best rosters ever and Real were too weak. In the ned time has put everything in its right place…

Menottinto: I believe that Atlético’s roster can perfectly compete with Real’s. Another thing is what has ended up happening.

The team of the people?

Menottinto: Tchouaméni has costed more than 100 million euros, but it seems like Atlético were the only ones to spend 126 in João Félix by selling Griezmann for a close quantity. Investments must be valued in all teams.

The budget of Atlético

Menottinto: Why do we always have to sell in order to sign despite qualifying for the Champions League? I honestly do not get it.

On the other hand, regarding to Cholo’s salary, it is not that much compared to what he makes Atlético earn. Any worker who generates huge inputs to his company deserves a high salary, and the board of directors will certainly will be more than happy to pay it if benefits keep coming. It is exactly the same with El Cholo.

Do you feel too much hate on Twitter for being a huge Cholo Simeone fan?

Menottinto: No, because I am not even sure if I love Cholo that much. However, I have been his biggest supporter this season due to the unfair treatment he has received. Atlético should never fire Cholo because he has been the main responsible for the best decade in history for the club. The day he leaves it must end the right way.

Possible return of Morata

Menottinto: I have never liked him much either. I do not have anything against him, but he does not transmit me a true rebellion for Atlético. I do not want him from that perspective, but the market is too complicated right now.

On the other hand, I believe that Atlético have to start closing the door to players that come from Real Madrid. It can’t be like all their discards end up joining in. If there is not anyone better than Morata, I would keep him and not give him away.

Morata Atlético
Álvaro Morata, via Twitter @Atléti.

And what about Saúl?

Menottinto: He can come back. This is his home.

Carlos Soler

Menottinto: Atlético barely sign players from LaLiga. Carlos Soler would be a great addition.

Last but not least. Chances for Spain in the World Cup?

Menottinto: My immediate answer is few, but just remember what happened in the European championship last summer. I trust Luis Enrique. That team will compete.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Edit José Manuel Calviño.

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