Cádiz’s offensive struggle is well known at LaLiga Santander, as they have only scored four goals in nine games so far. With the no signing of a striker, and the lack performing from the new additions, the squad coached by Sergio González are improving, but they really struggle to win consistently.

Cádiz are facing multiple problems in order to find their best version. Making the most out of the scoring chances for a team that is battling to avoid relegation is crucial, as being that kind of team usually makes the opponents to dominate the games.

Even though it is not always that way, the squad of Sergio González is one of the teams at LaLiga Santander that misses most of its chances, and this is mostly due to the fact that they barely get to make it to the rival’s box.

Furthermore, since Cádiz picked up their last-minute win against Valladolid due to a mistake by keeper Sergio Asenjo, they have barely been able to score most of their multiple chances in their games.

For example, even though they performed at their highest level in the first half against Espanyol, they were only able to find the opponent’s net thanks to a mistake by keeper Lecomte, as they kept missing most of their chances once again.

However, it is also true that Cádiz are now starting to improve offensively: more effective passing actions, great runs from the full backs and even some clear chances for the strikers right in front of the keepers, which is something that seemed very unlikely to happen four games ago.

In their last game against Girona, coach Sergio had the chance to put the game away in several opportunities and he did not, which resulted in a tragic draw in the last minute.

Nevertheless this little offensive improvement in the last recent games, it seems that Cádiz are still struggling to score consistently, and so they are proving it based on the scored goals from their strikers.

A very worrying stat is that Cádiz have currently only shot on target 14 times in the league so far, which really shows the offensive lacks from this team.

In fact, the only offensive players that have been able to score so far are Lucas Pérez and Negredo. In addition, they are both part of the rotation, specially the first one. But what it is clear is that the solution to this lack of effectiveness was in the last summer transfer market, even though the team has also gone through a huge bump as well.

These solutions seemed to be in the hands of two strikers. Just as President Manuel Vizcaíno has said multiple times, there were two strikers on the table, one being 21 years old and the other 32. He never mentioned the names, but the club has always been aware of the Cádiz’s offensive struggle to score goals.

Goals are expensive in the first division and a top striker can be key in the battle to avoid relegation, as Cádiz must always be in LaLiga.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @Cadiz_CF.

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