The history of Cádiz CF and Cádiz has always been influenced by agony until the last moment. But, at the same time, it is a special feeling that creates a firm symbiosis in order to resist, fight and accomplish the final goal. This is what has exactly happened this year, once again. Probably one of the toughest campaigns in the first division.

In January the energy from the oldest town in Occident, the heat of Carranza; was almost off and in a very critical moment. The faith of its prophet and legend of the club, Mr. Álvaro Cervera Díaz, lost its fundaments. The fight was being negotiated for the first time in six years and the team seemed to be condemned to relegation.

However, Sergio González, a simple man that was dragging the relegation of Valladolid from the previous season; and with the challenge to change the course of an extreme situation, changed it all.

Sergio has earned the respect and the love from the entire Cádiz because, just as his predecessor, joined with motivation and illusion, which are the bases for success. Even though he downplays it himself, he has shut many mouths. Now he holds the reins to create a block and a plan around a system and a playing style.

The stay was key if president Vizcaíno wanted to stay in charge. All the promises made after the draw at the Bernabéu, at Cervera’s farewell press conference and several other appearances until now would have not value at all if Cádiz went down.

Next season for them starts right now. Just as last season, this year they have achieved a miracle by staying in LaLiga. However, if the club wants to grow and establish itself in the elite, as they are transmitting from inside, it is required to create a good project.

LaLiga resurfaces at a huge pace and there are plenty of entities that carry out important investments in order to persuade and acquire high profile players that make the stay in the first division to be more expensive.

Cádiz CF can’t afford another management of the next season with a syndrome of speculation going from outstanding players to unknown ones in the European continent. Sergio must have enough actives to work under his bases. Elche, Getafe, Espanyol, and even the ones that just came up like Almería and Valladolid can do it, Why would Cádiz not deserve a competitive roster?

The foundations seem to be in the right direction, that is to say, contract extensions and negotiations of everything that has worked out: Sergio, Rubén Alcaraz, Negredo, Álex, Akapo… but they also need a knock on the table.

How? By earning an in demand bid between several mid-table or even higher clubes. This would strengthen the name of Cádiz and would avoid absurd situations like the one that took place in the winter transfer market with the rejection from multiple players.

For this reason, Vizcaíno, it is now or never. Cádiz and their people deserve an ambitious project that looks out for the interests of the club and not individual ones.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Twitter @Cadiz_CF.

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