Today is El Clasico. A direct duel for the top of the table in LaLiga between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. A game that measures the aspirations from both teams in the competition of the regularity.

But overall, a match that can confirm the superiority from ‘The Whites’ from the last few seasons and harm Xavi’s program even more after their second consecutive failure in Europe. Yes indeed, Barça have way more to lose. It is what it is.

Even though they have the same points, Barça arrive at the Bernabéu top of the table. However, I dare to say that the final score of this Clasico will certainly impact the chances of Xavi’s squad to battle for the only main title that they can lift this season, which are in fact now forced to do so after their more than likely knock out from the Champions League. No matter the way they get it, they really need the win.

“I do not want to win El Clasico if I do not play well”

On the other hand, and even though this is El Clasico, it is just a regular game for Real Madrid. Just three more points, as it is always said to subtract importance from a game that really has it, as Real Madrid are constantly in the winning track and get rid of most of their opponents both in Spain and Europe.

In other words, they are a champions team that always find the way to get the win no matter if they play their best or not, and Barça can’t say the same. The only current issue at Real Madrid is the absence of Thibaut Courtois, Everything else seems to be under control.

“Having only one style is not the most appropriate”

On the other hand, Barça have the absence of Araújo in defense (Koundé is right back with the squad) and multiple other problems in their game with some of the available that are able to perform, but who have recently been deceasing their own team on the field with huge mistakes that have already resulted in drama in the Champions League. I am talking about Piqué, Eric García, Busquets or Ferran Torres, among others.

Barça only have LaLiga now, the regularity tournament that their coach has taken care of praising in the last few weeks as if he knew the failure that was about to happen. And most part of their chances to come alive again and really lead the table until the World Cup are based on assaulting the Bernabéu today. They have certainly plenty of experience at this.

Madrid are not in need at all, but they have an opportunity ahead of them to harm their main rival for the title at their worst emotional moment. The Clasico can be the confirmation of Madrid’s superiority or the fact that Barça are able to battle for the title.

Yes indeed, a defeat for Barça would be a big deal for Xavi’s squad, while a lost for Madrid would not be an issue for Ancelotti’s at all.

Main image: Edit José Manuel Calviño.

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