The start in the season by the team of Mikel Arteta is being outstanding. Arsenal lead the Premier League table after a fourth part of the competition has already been held, which is why they are not a surprise anymore but instead a reality.

Arsenal are playing brilliant football and they are now ready to compete against the best squads in Europe. In fact, this season they have already managed to beat Tottenham (3-1) and Liverpool (3-2), which was something unthinkable a couple campaigns ago. Arteta has finally found the key and his team is one of the most recognizable in European’s football.

One of the main reasons for their success so far is the youth of their roster, as they are the 18th youngest in the entire Premier League. They have a group such as Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Martinelli, Martin Ødegaard, Gabriel Jesús, Saliba… who have all a huge projection ahead of them and have coincided together at the exact moment. In addition, most of them are already starters despite their short age.

With this group of players with an average of 23 years old, Arsenal are so far being able to compete for the Premier League title against Manchester City, who are a team that play by memory and dominate this competition clearly.

This season it would be an utopia for Arsenal to win the Premier League, but it is not crazy to think that the ‘Gunners’ will be battling for all the national titles in a matter of about two years.

The project of Mikel Arteta, who started off with more doubts than certainties already a couple years ago, is now more established than ever before and it all seems to indicate that Arsenal have still a long way ahead of them to reach their ceiling.

As soon as the youngest players in the roster (the majority of the entire squad) are able to earn experience and play games together, the automatisms of the team will become even more effective and, just as Manchester City with the 70% of their opponents, Arsenal will also beat most of their rivals easily.

I believe that this season it is still too early for Arsenal to keep the pace of Pep Guardiola’s squad in the long term, but I am convinced that in about two seasons, the difference will be very small between these two teams (it is not that big currently though) and the battle for the title will be even more exciting.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @ArsenalEspanol.

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