We are only at LaLiga’s four fixture, but some clubs and their coaches are already in a delicate and convulsed situation both due to the poor outcomes so far and the aftermath from the transfer market. Coach Diego Martínez is a clear example of this (not the only one).

RCD Espanyol have neither started the season the right way nor done well in the transfer market. And the forecasts in the short term are not positive at all. In addition, with the failed sale of Raúl de Tomás (RDT), who has been training apart from the group for the entire preseason due to some mysterious “physical issues” that the club has not named yet, the situation gets even worst. It is the direct consequence of basing your entire management of the roster on the transfer of your star. It is also the consequence of keeping the transfer window opened with the leagues already underway.

In the last few days, newspaper Sport has reported that Diego Martínez feels cheated by the club because they have not kept the promises they made him when he signed on the strategy they agreed to follow during the transfer market. And the coach himself has expressed in the press conference his discomfort with the sporting staff, led by Domingo Catoria.

“Neither myself or any ‘Perico’ can be satisfied with the transfer market”

During these last two months of the transfer market, Espanyol have changed more than half of their team with the exit of 17 players and the arrival of another nine. But, in the end, just a few have fulfilled the profile that Diego Martínez requested when he signed: young players with projection.

No doubt that the best news for the club have been the renewal of one of their most important players, Sergi Darder, who has extended his contract until 2026. Among other outstanding new faces in the squad are striker Joselu, who has also joined as a free agent, and Braithwaite, who has signed after cutting his contract with Barça and as a theoretical replacement for RDT.

Espanyol have mostly been focused on getting revenue from the sale of their best player, whose price they set themselves was always too high. A release clause of 70 million (at first), and then willing to negotiate for 40, 30, 25 and finally for 15 in exchange of the 50% of his rights. Nobody submitted any bid for him under this conditions, except for Rayo Vallecano literally at the last hour and with the lowest possible offer within the scenario that the club had plan on.

But as it can happen when you leave everything for the last minute, there can be incidentals. The documents were not signed on time, according to LaLiga, and the transfer couldn’t be completed. And now what?

Now there is a difficult context where the best player of the team and the coach must readapt themselves to a situation that neither or them like nor expected. Because Diego Martínez wanted him out of the team and RDT counted on leaving already since May from last season.

But the sporting need always ends up prevailing and neither Espanyol can leave him on the bench nor RDT can afford to step aside the team. The club and and their coach because they need to start earning points. And the striker because he must play in order to go to the World Cup.

In the end, it is clear that the management of RDT’s exit has not been the most appropriate by any of the involved parties and that they have all been harmed with the final outcome. Now it is in their hands to change the course of the situation and benefit reciprocally from each other after an episode that has damaged the image from both of them. At least until January (November for Spain).

RDT is a collateral damage of the nonsense that provokes leaving the transfer market window opened with the competition underway. And this situation even affects all of us in Spain because the national team is also involved.

Main image: @RCDEspanyol.

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