It looks like the longest soap opera in the history of transfers has less than a week left. Although everything points towards Kylian Mbappé staying in Paris after his return to competitive activities with the club, nobody is brave enough to make a bold statement on his future. The player has yet to re-sign and it does not seem like he wants to do it, a stance that forced PSG to put him up for sale and to sideline him from the team.

The world of football is tired of information and opinions on a topic that seems like it will not have an end. But above all, Real Madrid fans are done with the Frenchman’s surroundings, the media and the player himself stirring the pot.

Fans that, for the most part, feel the need of his arrival, in a summer that felt ideal for it. His refusal to re-sign, the departure of Benzema, and the pressure coming from PSG seemed to pave a path that became a cliff when the ‘turtle’ decided to renew his contract back in 2021.

However, the player has not taken a step forward, which is all Real Madrid ask to make the financial sacrifice. Mbappé cannot make up his mind, and that is precisely what is pissing the Merengue fans off. Because they are fed up with the Frenchman’s continuous media show and his desire to look like the ‘good guy’ to everyone. Nobody trusts him.

Like it or not, Mbappé has the upper hand and is the master of his own fate. PSG thought it would be difficult to convince him once again, hence the ultimatum. But something seems to have changed, something that we have not quite caught on to.

Personally, I cannot see a club as stubborn as PSG and their board have proven to be let a their star leave for free, even if he opts out of many bonuses. I also do not believe that the fandom of Real Madrid will tolerate another year of uncertainty surrounding his contract renewal and potential arrival as a free agent come 2024. As a result, I believe that something is in store for us at the end of this transfer window.

At the same time, the truth is that Luis Enrique’s PSG continues to stumble around in the dark, with a roster that is still not working and has only managed two out of six points in Ligue 1 thus far. A squad that has already added nine new signings, with Kolo Muani very close to joining. And all the recent moves have been very much of Kylian’s liking: Dembélé, Lucas Hernández, a real striker like Gonçalo Ramos, the departures of Neymar and Messi, etc.

Many possible outcomes have opened up from now to the first of September: Real Madrid could make a low offer in the last days to pressure PSG with a free arrival of the forward next July (the most sensible strategy, although it was ignored by the Parisian club two years ago); the Frenchman could publicly state his desire to leave, meaning Madrid would make an effort to bring him in this summer; PSG could reluctantly accept for the player to stay without renewing his contract and try to convince him throughout the season like they did last time; or Mbappé could finally re-sign, which would practically seal the doors to Real Madrid and their fan’s hearts forever.

What is clear is that, with Kylian Mbappé, you never know what to expect. And Real Madrid has, once again, made the mistake of planning around his arrival. As of today, the team still does not have a striker and the popular opinion is that their roster is not enough to win it all. So, since it is the best for everyone regardless of his decision: Mbappé, make a choice.

Translated by Nuño Alonso.

Main image: Edit by Marta Calle.

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