Barça are now forced to win their upcoming European meets if they want to stay in the Champions League after their defeat against Inter Milan. The team coached by Xavi Hernández has gone from being a clear candidate to finish top in the group stage to realize that most of their current chances to make it through are at finishing 2nd best case scenario.

Barça have lost all their accuracy in front of the goal in the Champions League despite being the top scoring team in LaLiga, as they have been unable to score a single goal on the road against Bayern Munich and Inter Milan so far. The past ghosts are on verge of the team and the fans still remember their poor performing from last season in this competition that knocked them out in the group stage.

A group stage where they were only able to score two goals in six games where they conceded nine. As a result, these numbers sent them right away to the Europa League, which has certainly been one of the biggest failures of the club’s recent history.

But the 2021/2022 season was a whole different context compared to this season’s. The roster had way less quality to the current one and the club’s financial situation had nothing to do with the one nowadays. For this reason, Barça are more than required to make it through the Champions League group stage.

On the contrary, the entity’s financial situation would seen itself seriously compromised, as President Joan Laporta last summer carried out a series of movements to improve the economic aspect of the club in order to build a roster that could perform at its best right away, that is to say, to lift trophies this season.

In other words, Laporta risked it all for this season and Barça can’t afford to be knocked out from the Champions League group stage for the second year in a row, apart from the fact that it would be a new sporting failure, of course.

The current situation shows that the team are in the right track in LaLiga after three years, but everything seems more complicated in the Champions League. Barça still have three finals ahead of them and the good news is that they rely on themselves to stay in the top European’s competition.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @FCBarcelona_es.

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