Football is the best sport in the world thanks to its unpredictability, which makes barely anyone to really know about it. This is why sometimes teams that are depressed are able to use some strength, spark a rebellion and come back to live under the storm. It is the epic, the magic, in this case in a club where the faith, to BELIEVE, is always on top of the list when nothing else works out. This is Atlético de Madrid.

The ten years of Simeone have reached a level of demand and expectations that where unthinkable after the rescue of a serious wounded that today is a warrior. The build of a winning team that is too annoying but too addictive at the same time has turned into an extremely high level that makes a bad streak of scores and playing, the worst in a decade, stagger everything that has been accomplished for doubting on the recipe. When everything is against, believe.

The epic win against Valencia, a key one in Atlético’s new reality that was dreamed a decade ago, to battle to end on top four, earns a double value for changing a limit situation that their coach was unable to find the exit from.

A game doesn’t just change everything instantly, specially because the same mistakes are repeated over and over again, but there are certainly wins that change dynamics and that can mean a turning point on the road. Cholo expects this one to be exactly this kind.

The Argentinian coach is capable of making incomprehensible decisions like substituting João for Felipe and which ends up working out despite the crow’s confusion. Furthermore, one of the most blamed for the extended disaster, Hermoso, scores the winning goal to complete the comeback. Simeone is one of the few that nows about this game.

You might like or not Atlético, but they are not an average team. They count on the weight of a shield, the real one, that is lifted by their people too by pushing against the adversity by staying at the stadium until the end: “They would have booeded at us in any other club, the people where crucial in the victory”, said Cholo after the final whistle.

Football makes sense when people play a role in it and feel implicated in the wins because they also push from outside. Football is magic because it gathers life mottos: BELIEVE.

Main image: @Atleti.

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