Harry Kane quiere salir del Tottenham

The needed jump for Harry Kane

Harry Kane is close to jump in his career. His desire to leave Tottenham Hotspur is well-known and he honestly has more than enough reasons for it. The Englishman striker has played his entire life at the London club...
El Atlético de Madrid se proclama campeón de liga por segunda vez bajo el mando del Cholo Simeone

‘Cholismo’ as a way of life

Cholo Simeone pronounced exactly seven years ago a statement that has marked myself since then: "If you believe you can do it and you work hard for it, then you can do it". Atlético celebrated on that day in...
Playoffs de la NBA 2021

Playoffs, a much-awaited moment

NBA Playoffs will start this weekend, the most awaited moment for basketball fans. This phase of the season has always given great moments, so we will have to keep an eye on them in order to see what the...
El Leicester City se proclama campeón de la FA Cup por primera vez en su historia

Leicester and the essence of football

Football industry suffered a devastating blow in 2020 due to the well-known pandemic. This turned into an unprecedented economical crisis for the clubs but, overall, the lost of the emotions inside the stadiums. More than a year later, Wembley...
La afición regresa a los estadios de fútbol

Football in its purest form

Sunday football. Today it can all be over. The outcome of a season in two hours of radio. The fixture at 6:30 PM can make things more clear or make them even harder to guess for the last game...
El Cádiz consigue la salvación matemática

Cádiz´s creed

Every club and football in general has illustrious dates. In Cádiz there is a day that brings great memories and that has impacted the club´s recent history: April 18th 2006. Cádiz, which was in the 2nd B division by...
LeBron James critica el nuevo formato de Play-in

What is going on with the controversial ‘Play-in’

Excitement is still alive at this time of the season in the NBA mid table, as several teams battle to secure a spot in the Playoffs. There is certainly an extra incentive this year: the 'Play-in', a new format...
Lingard y Richarlison, la pelea por la Champions

The final race for the Champions League

Premier League is about to wrap up. Manchester City are just two points away from the title and Manchester United are already qualified for the Champions League, but there is still a lot to battle for: Fulham went down...
Javi Gracia deja de ser entrenador del Valencia

Upon the marble and the green

A friend that also works in the football industry has a saying that I firmly agree with: If a marble at a club is clean and in good condition, the green will be the same. The marble is the...
Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors

NBA cooks with Curry

Despite not being the best possible season at the Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry is showing an astonishing level that can be compared to his best years in San Francisco. He has been named as the NBA Player of...