Griezmann regresa al Atletico de Madrid

Throwback to a compromised past

Two years after his exit, Antoine Griezmann returns to Atlético de Madrid knowing that his right place to shine is under Cholo Simeone and that is documentary and the way he left the club to play along the '10'...
LaLiga aprueba el fondo CVC

One expression and many sayings

A long journey through the desert: LaLiga has lost most of the leadership it was used to have in the last few seasons. The state that manages all the issues from the professional clubs did not admit the fact that...
Cristiano Ronaldo vuelve a la Premier League

Cristiano Ronaldo and the best league in the world

Cristiano Ronaldo returns to the Premier League. This competition starred for several years along with LaLiga a debate about which one was the best one in the world. The sign from the Portuguese striker for Manchester United is, from...
El camino al trofeo más deseado

Path to glory

The most exciting competition and the battle for the most desired trophy is back; the Champions League is back. It seems like yesterday when Azpilicueta lifted the second title for Chelsea. It has been three months since then and...
Pedri se marcha de vacaciones

‘The Great Pedri’

Pedri González has really stood out during his first year at Barça and not only has become into an essential player for Koeman, but it is clear that he has been the club´s only good decision in the last...
Sancho y Varane han llegado para competir por la Premier

Signs to compete for the Premier League

Manchester United have been known for a very poor signing strategy in the recent years. The continuous change of coaches, added to the horrible management by Ed Woodward, provoked the progressive decrease in the level of the roster. Now...
Mbappe Real Madrid

The end of the market: With or without the leagues started?

As years pass by, the debate about if the transfer market should end or not before the start of the leagues keeps growing. This is an issue that, from my point of view, has different angles that make any...
Kevin Durant y James Harden Brooklyn Nets

Eastern Conference strengthens

The Western Conference has typically been the most competitive one in the NBA, but the trend is changing. The Eastern Conference is being reinforce during this transfer market and many of their teams are dragging the attention towards the...
Simeone Atlético de Madrid

Life is back

Passion and excitement returns to the fans of the game around the globe as the new season kicks off. A way of life, day by day, game by game. The new campaign is a renewed opportunity for people to...
Messi y Neymar jugarán juntos en el PSG

Let’s enjoy Messi and Neymar

The sign of Messi for PSG has been on the news worldwide. The media and social network are all debating about economics, club state and even morality. However, the accusations that today are thrown to PSG could also be...