Iraola sobrevive, su proyecto empieza a dar los primeros frutos

Iraola survives, his program begins to give its first fruits

Despite a terrible start to the league season that saw them in the relegation places after a run of nine games without a win, Andoni Iraola 's Bournemouth have managed to lift themselves out of the relegation zone thanks...
UD Las Palmas, un equipo de autor

UD Las Palmas, a handcrafted squad

García Pimienta's UD Las Palmas began the season in a worrying way, as they struggled badly to score a single goal. So much so that many people were already giving them up for dead since the start, especially when...
ELXIIDEAL del arranque de la Liga F

The Ideal XI from the start of the League F

The start of the F League is producing many big names. In just eight rounds of league competition, there have already been several surprises in the standings. The season has just begun and this preview is just an 'appetizer'...
La culpa era de Mendilibar

It was Mendilibar’s fault

Sevilla FC are with no course once again. It does not matter who is under charge either as the coach or the "sporting management". The mediocrity has been installed in a too poorly managed club for a long time....
Xavi se queda sin excusas

Xavi runs out of excuses

Barça are still in no man's land under Xavi. The team has lost two out of their last four matches. However, it is not the losses that worry the culers, but how bad FC Barcelona have looked in said...
La Prórroga de LaLiga – Jornada #13

LaLiga Overtime – Match Day #13

The league competition continues with the thirteenth round of LaLiga. A matchday that further confirms that Girona don't want to wake up from their fairy tale, while Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid and Barça are the shadow of the...
Mundial Sub-17: conocemos a las estrellas del futuro

U17 World Cup: introducing the stars of the future

The time has come for one of the events that allows you to get to know some of the players that will dominate worldwide football in the future. And, most importantly, the U17 World Cup will allow you to...
Cuatro talentos a seguir en la Premier League

Four talents to follow in the Premier League

For years, the Premier League has been the league that spends the most money on transfers. It is true that sometimes players are overpaid, but the high budgets of the competition's participants mean that many promising players end up...
Alicia Redondo, la brújula de un Granada que busca reencontrarse

Alicia Redondo, the compass of a Granada side trying to find themselves

Granada CF has not began the season how they wanted to. Despite having great players, the results have not gone their way. One of their best players in the start to the season has been Alicia Redondo, one of...
Manchester United y un pésimo inicio de temporada

Manchester United and a terrible start to the season

Manchester United have made a disastrous start to the 2023/24 season. Currently, they have lost half of the matches they have played (eight games out of 16) and find themselves in a very difficult situation in the league table....