Manchester City, vía @InvictosSomos

Manchester City´s formula

Manchester City have reached the Champions League final for the first time in history. Pep Guardiola is the architect of this achievement and now has the chance to win the trophy ten years later, which would be his third...
Granada demuestra, los sueños sí se cumplen

Dreams come true

Granada went down to the second division four years ago. A city whose dream of returning to the Spanish football elite had come true almost four decades later. Who would have told them that the best was yet to...
El público no volverá a los estadios en lo que resta de temporada

Enough is enough!

La Liga will not allow fans in their stadiums for the remainder of the season. This basically means that there has not been any progress in the las 14 months. Today La Liga and the ACB, which are the...
Julius Randle New York Knicks

Julius Randle, the Knicks´ hero

New York Nicks are 4th in the Eastern Conference, something unthinkable a few years back. This feat´s hero: Julius Randle. The power forward is on the best moment of his career and has settled down at the madison Square...
Kelechi Iheanacho, vía

Kelechi Iheanacho´s step forward

Leicester City are having a fantastic campaign in the Premier League. They are 3rd on the table with only five games left and so they are a solid candidate to play the Champions League next year. The squad is...
Entrevista a Jaime Molina ELXIIDEAL

Jaime Molina: “There is passion for football in China”

Jaime Molina (Estepona, 15 de junio de 1961) got a lifetime opportunity back in October 2018 when ex-teammate David Almazán 'Pirri' offered him a job at the Shanghai Shenhua Chinese Super League club academy Under-19 team. Jaime, who is...
El fútbol es de los aficionados

Football is for the fans

The European Super League has been cancelled after a few days of protests by the fans. This way, they have proven that they still hold certain power in football. This sport, which has become the most followed one in...
Gerard Moreno con el Villarreal

Gerard Moreno´s time

Footballer careers always go through different stages, better and worse ones. There is a player in La Liga whose high performing was unnoticed during a few seasons. Now he is getting well-deserved credit for it, but it has taken...
El fútbol europeo estalla a raíz de la creación de la Superliga

Towards a new football

"Maybe in 10 years you will have a European League... the money that will be coming in from the champions League will not be enough for some clubs". This is what Arséne Wenger had to say back in 2009....
La Liga más emocionante de los últimos años. ¿Quién se alzará con el título?

La Liga we always wanted

The final sprint for La Liga race has come. Three games left and four candidates. The football world 'experts' have been warning about the Spanish league decline for already two years, mostly based on the most recent outcomes in...