Anthony Edwards is being one of the few shines at the Minnesota Timberwolves

Anthony Edwards, the Timberwolves´ Atomic Ant

Numbers do not lie. Minnesota Timberwolves are last in the Western Conference and have the worst record of the league with only 10 wins and 31 looses. Unfortunately, nothing new for the Twin Cities fan base, but at least...
Haaland o Mbappé

Haaland or Mbappé?

Champions League nights are special. Everything seems to shine brighter under the European lights. In fact, it is the competition that has the most audience. This is why it is not strange that the biggest debate this week in...
The Utah Jazz make their best start in the regular season in franchises´s history

NBA sounds to jazz

Utah´s franchise leads the wild west with 27 wins and only 9 looses. They are a roller and want to prove that they are a team to be considered on the race for the ring. Season´s revelation: Utah Jazz...
Neymar vuelve a caer lesionado y estará un mes de baja. Se perderá la eliminatoria frente al Barcelona.

The price for dribbling

Dribbling is the nicest expression of football. A technical gesture that most fans demand but just a few players are able to display. Or maybe many of them do not want to take its risk. Football, just as anything...
Allan Saint-Maximin, vía @NUFC

The dribbling of St James’ Park

Nobody can denny that dribbling is one of the most attractive aspects of the game. It is the maximum expression of creativeness, cunning and ingenuity from a player. Striking as a feature, it gets even more showy when the...
Sergio Canales-Real Betis

Sergio Canales, the ball always to the ’10’

Real Betis Balonpié´s growth since they went up to LaLiga back in the 2014/2015 season has been extraordinary. Year after year, the 'Verdiblancos' have managed to build a roster with very talented players. Moreover, the club from Heliópolis counts...
NBA All-Star 2021

All-Star, all or nothing

The NBA All-Star is always the most special event of the season. It is official that this year´s will take place in March 7th, but with a different outline than previous editions: Atalanta will host a single...
El Barça remonta frente al Granada y se mete en las semifinales de la Copa del Rey

Something has changed at Barça

I have been very critical with Barça this season, as I ha considered that the club has suffered a very poor management four several years that was being reflected on the field up to one month ago. I keep...
Luke Shaw, vía TheSun

Luke, it is good that you came

Manchester United has been the home for players with high expectations and low performing in the last years. A few weeks back I talked about Paul Pogba and he has actually played great since then. He always had...
Salisu Valladolid

Salisu, six months to forget

Two Ghanaians players moved from Spain to the Premier League in the 2020 summer: Thomas Partey y Mohammed Salisu. The first one, more known and through a controversial exit, joined the Arsenal. On the other hand, Salisu signed for...