La Prórroga de LaLiga – Jornada #12

LaLiga Overtime – Match Day #12

Another date in the schedule of Spanish football means it is time for a new edition of LaLiga Overtime. A match day in which football was overshadowed by many refereeing calls that have hoarded all the covers. But we...
Don Jude Bellingham

Don Jude Bellingham

Jude Victor William Bellingham. This is the name of, almost certainly, the best player in the world today. The way in which this 20-year-old talent has burst in the scene at Real Madrid is a story of determination, youth...
Zaïre-Emery es humillantemente superior

Zaïre-Emery is humiliatingly superior

Nowadays, teens are often excesively critisized. How many times have we heard adults complaining about the immaturity of today's adolescents? "At their age, I had to work", "they are still children" and "when I was your age, I walked...
Aitana Bonmatí, la normalización de lo extraordinario

Aitana Bonmatí, the normalization of the extraordinary

Aitana Bonmatí 's story to become the Golden Ball hasn't been an easy one. From Sant Pere de Ribas to the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris. The Spanish player has won the award for best player in the world...
Cam Thomas: un huracán reprimido

Cam Thomas: a supressed hurricane

Cam Thomas has started off the season in a spectacular state of form. Thw Brooklyn Nets' shooting-guard has scored over 30 points in three out of the four games he has played in this season and, despite his team...
¿Quién se llevará este año el MVP de la NBA?

Who will win this year’s NBA MVP?

The NBA season got underway on Wednesday 25 October. Very little time has passed, but we have already been able to see some glimpses of what the trend will be like for many teams and players. Once the 82...
La Prórroga de LaLiga – Jornada #11

LaLiga Overtime – Match Day #11

LaLiga Overtime returns on a special journey, the match day of ‘El Clásico’. The most-viewed match arround the world presents new stars, a new generation and a ‘rocking’ fight between Barça and Real Madrid. But LaLiga is more than the...
Bundesliga, una mina de talentos inesperados

Bundesliga, a mine of unexpected talent

The Bundesliga is a competition to which many players from lesser-known European leagues, such as the Austrian or Belgian leagues, are coming. This season, we are seeing the emergence of players who could become dominant on the European scene....
¿Se ha 'cruzado' el límite en el fútbol?

Has the line in football been ‘crossed’?

The plague of serious injuries continues to increase in football. The latest to join the list: Neymar. Is it time to stop and think about the damage, exhaustion and pressure on footballers these days? Absolutely, yes. According to a FIFPRO...
Bruna Vilamala, un diamante por pulir

Bruna Vilamala, a diamond in need of polishing

Thirteen months away from the pitch, but her quality is still intact. She is Bruna Vilamala, a player who is different from the rest and who is asking for a place among the greats. FC Barcelona have a magical...