La Cartuja will be a party tonight. Despite Real Betis playing in their city, whoever wins will top off a long season that will be remembered for the ages. The illusion that brings the Spanish Cup when Real Madrid and Barcelona are not the main characters is unparalleled. This competition, which is very discredited by many, has a magic and a series of conditions that enthusiasm to the most neutral.

Furthermore, if the final is between such two passionate clubs and with a huge hunger of metal, we expect a very intense final with an unpredictable outcome. Yes indeed, the dynamics from both teams, the tactics from coaches Bordalás and Pellegrini, and the main characters on the field leave interesting keys in the match preview:

The Spanish Cup, a huge opportunity for Bordalás:

Valencia are in an all or nothing situation in Sevilla. Even though we pointed this out here a couple months ago, Valencia have run out of chances to qualify to Europe through LaLiga and winning the Spanish Cup is the only —and unbeatable— way to save the season and the future of the next campaign as well. Only accessing to the Europa League could avoid some trouble from June on in a very institutional unsteady situation within the club.

Bordalás is one of those coaches who does not hide at all his recognized style. We will be able to see since the beginning of the game his interest for keeping a low pace through multiple interruptions in order to stop the combinative playing style between Fekir, Canales, Juanmi and company, as no doubt that they are the most dangerous weapon for Betis. The system of five defenders + Guillamón in the midfield is the most likely disposition to start the game, specially after the rotation they were able to make in their last fixture against Villarreal.

“The valencianismo deserves a happiness from us because they give it all for the team”

José Bordalás

In fact, this decision is an advantage for Valencia. Bordalás has all his important peaces available and rested for the game. However, Betis have practically not dispensed with their starting players in the last few games due to them battling to access the Champions League.

Furthermore, they recover Bryan Gil. His participation adds dribbling and speed for the attack. Along with Guedes and Hugo Duro, and Carlos Soler as the playmaker, Valencia can really create scoring opportunities through their counterattack.

The return to success of Heliópolis:

The Spanish Cup. The last big title of Betis. It has been 16 years since the goal of Dani in the 115′ against Osasuna. A young guy from El Puerto was there, now more than established, Joaquín. He will end his career in June and what a better farewell than lifting a trophy and having the afterward cups, as he might say himself. No doubt that there are plenty of emotional aspects that surround Betis in this final.

However, the football arguments are bigger for them in order to maybe be considered as the favorites. The team of Manuel Pellegrini has had an extraordinary season with the potential to be a historical one at Heliópolis. Small negative phases have difficulted their ambitious —and complicated— goals. However, they are still in the race to reach the Champions League with five games left.

“It would be a very important achievement to win this title for the people, but also for the players and the coaching staff”

Manuel Pellegrini

Now, with their presence in Europe next season almost secured, they want the metal in order to close an excellent 2022. It is true that they are slightly more tired than Valencia, but the rotation system run by Pellegrini during the entire campaign must be shown in this Spanish Cup Final. The show is guaranteed with the entire offensive display in optimal conditions.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Edit José Manuel Calviño.

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