Real Betis have lifted a trophy 17 years later. They have returned to celebrate to Plaza Nueva thanks to the guide of a symbol coach from Spanish football, Manuel Pellegrini, who is always successful wherever he goes.

An authentic engineer of football an a great group manager expert in designing talented and competitive teams that are created to win. The responsible for a historical feat for the team with the most supporters in this country that he has transformed completely.

“This is even more special after 17 years without winning. It is a double joy after so much time. Such a popular club can’t be this long without winning”

Manuel Pellegrini

Betis are the Spanish Cup champions, but in fact this conquer has just been the outcome of a measured ‘Plan’ that has been carried out since the Chilean coach joined the club in July 2020 in order to change the course of a lost team.

The culmination of a winner and ambitious project where he has dyed the big scenarios of ‘verdiblanco’. The prove, once again, that Pellegrini is pure gold and revalues all the clubs he works for.

In just two seasons, Betis have returned to Europe and have lifted a trophy again. Pellegrini, whose trajectory is unimpeachable and has proven lots of efficiency on qualifying his teams for continental competitions, is the guarantee of success and quality work through an offensive football style where talented players are allowed to create so people enjoy the game.

Pellegrini wins the Spanish Cup with Betis
Manuel Pellegrini lifts the Spanish Cup title. Source: Twitter @RealBetis.

Pellegrini, in charge of the ‘verdiblanco’ ship and ahead of the challenge to play in three competitions at the same time, as a result of succeeding on the field, is the author of a clever rotation system from which he has already earned profit but still can make more. Pellegrini, and now his Betis as well, have touched metal again and have been able to win above the powerful teams.

Pellegrini, a collector of author teams, marking history in all the clubs he coaches, has not only secured again the presence of Betis in Europe for next season, but he still maintains real chances to go into the next level and improve even more what he has already achieved by qualifying for the Champions League in the last phase of LaLiga.

“We want to battle for the Champions. We have already accomplished a title, but I think that the group is motivated to keep going in LaLiga. We are going to try to reach the top teams”

Manuel Pellegrini

In fact Pellegrini, a legend of Spanish football, has topped off another work of all the ones he has designed.

Main image: Twitter @RealBetis.

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