We already have the first coached to be sacked only after four games into the start of the new season in the Premier League. It has been coach Scott Parker from AFC Bournemouth, as the announcement has taken place just a few hours ago. The architect of the return of the ‘Cherries’ to the English top football division has seen the club to decide to terminate his services after a doubtful start into the new campaign.

It is true that AFC Bournemouth have not had their best possible start into the new season, as they have lost all their last three games. 4-0 against Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium, 0-3 against the improved Arsenal of Mikel Arteta and, specially, a painful 9-0 at Anfield against Liverpool. However, I believe that there are plenty of favorable arguments on the side of Scott Parker, who is one of the less responsible people for the club to have started this way.

If we think about it, Bournemouth currently have the expected points at this point. In fact, a few more, as they picked up a very prestigious win against Steven Gerrard’s Aston Villa in their debut. Nobody expected the team of Scott Parker to grab points from the Etihad or Anfield, and it was also very difficult to steal any point from Arsenal, as they have started the season unstoppable and are leading the table right now.

For this reason, I believe that there has not been any patience at all with the coach that brought them back to the elite after some years in the Championship and I highly doubt that the next coach can really change the situation of the club (which is not totally dramatic either).

It is true that they have conceded 16 goals in their last three games and that the defeat to Liverpool was really humiliating, but that is not enough to sack a coach that knows the roster and who has proven that knows what he is doing.

A roster that, by the way, is too short to compete in the Premier League. You can’t ask for miracles to Scott Parker neither the next coach that comes in with such a poor roster making.

From my point of view, the decision of shacking coach Scott Parker only after four games is a mistake. Specially because the next coach is going to have to improvise and get to know a new roster right away if he wants to get results in the short term, because the reality is that the premier League goes too fast and does not wait for anyone.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @afcbournemouth.

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