Manchester City have become experts at coming back. They have trailed by two goals in four out of their last six games in the Premier League and have not lost a single one of them. Aston Villa, West Ham or Newcastle have been some of the rivals that have seen themselves as winners against a City that have finally managed to send them all back to reality. The last team has been Crystal Palace. The squad coached by Patrick Vieira led the scoreboard by two goals at the Etihad Stadium in just 20 minutes.

The last precedents even put Crystal Palace as the favorites after leading by two goals, as they are one of the teams that complicate things the most to Guardiola due to their playing style. However, this Manchester City have learned to come back games.

The situation for the ‘Citizens’ at halftime was critical: they trailed by two goals, had not taken a single shot and there was a feeling that Patrick Vieira had beaten Pep Guardiola again at his approach, as it had already happened in the last two games they had played against each other in the Premier League. However, City were able to come back the game in just 25 minutes into the second half.

Of course, everything is easier when you have Bernardo Silva and Erling Haaland on your side. The first one is one of the most underrated players in European football. He is one of the few players that makes a lot of things and all of them well. He attacks, defends, dribbles, drives the ball, assists and scores… He does it all.

On the other hand, Haaland is at the age of 22 one of the best in the world at scoring goals. Between Bernardo and Haaland (and Guardiola’s coaching direction after putting Phil Foden as a left back and Bernardo as a right winger) came back a game that was impossible to win for any team in the Premier League but Manchester City.

The already won the league last season this way in the last fixture and this year they have already completed two comebacks in four games. Against Newcastle, when the team coached by Eddie Howe was leading by two goals and the fourth for the ‘Magpies’ was close to arrive, Bernardo, Haaland and Kevin De Bruyne arose once again to come back. And they did not win the game due to Newcastle’s almost perfect approach.

All in all, if Manchester City were already a decisive team when they led the scoreboard, now they are so also when trailing, which is why the only way you can beat them (they have not lost any of their last 16 games in the Premier League) is to play a perfect game and be lucky enough that they not perform their best. If that is not the case, they will end up finding their way to the goal somehow.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @ManCity.

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