Jus a few days before the Qatar World Cup kicks off, Spanish National Team Head Coach Luis Enrique, “the best coach in the planet”, has already released his incomprehensible 26 players call-up list to represent Spain in the most important football appointment.

It has also been almost two months since Luis Enrique, on a clear symptom of a self-conscious person, and against the fact that he always says that he does not pay any attention to the media and the public opinion on his work and decisions, posted on his Twitter account a colored chart of his own creation highlighting the “achievements” from his team recently. He only missed to add the word “break” in the middle of the box, which is always important.

These “successes”, from his point of view, are specifically the following: a second position in the prestigious Nations League tournament, a 2020 EUROS semifinal, the direct qualifying to the World Cup, and the access to the Final Four in the current Nations League edition. In case someone is planning to visit all these trophies, they are all resting at the Spanish training ground to be seen.

Spain are going to the World Cup with an overbooking of players who love to keep the ball and dizzy both our rivals and ourselves, but not ready to dominate the boxes, which is where games are won. All in all, we are traveling with just a plan. Putting things in context.

We can’t really say anything for the goalie position, as there are not plenty of excellent options to be called up there. However, if we advance to the defense, Luis Enrique, who knows way more than anyone else, has once again chosen to play with excellent players with the ball that are not well enough at defending, paradoxically. And having decent defenders is a solid requirement for aiming to win such competition, if that is what we are looking for.

Eric García, who does not even play at Barça as a starter anymore despite the injuries from Araújo and Koundé; Pau Torres, who relies on a established company by him to shine; or Hugo Guillamón, who has been a midfielder for the last two seasons because coaches Javi Gracia, Bordalás or Gattuso do not know about anything, lead this star section. Putting things in context.

In the midfield, the absence from a single player from two of the best teams in LaLiga currently, Real Sociedad and Betis, marks an unbalanced line for inspiration and falling back contexts when the opponents dominate, which might happen at some point more than likely.

Four our powerful national team head coach, Zubimendi, who is the inheritor of Busquets, is not ready yet. Neither are other absences such as Mikel Merino, Brais Méndez, or Sergio Canales, who all stand out every weekend. All of them are hungry and useful to lead the team to a more outstanding role in the World Cup beyond the expected mediocrity. Putting things in context.

And forward, the only presence of Morata as a pure striker tops off a call-up made for the disaster. Just so you know, Morata has scored one goal in the last ten games with his club, Atlético de Madrid. Apparently, Borja Iglesias or Iago Aspas can be left out and rest, as we do not need them for anything. Putting things in context.

In fact, the offensive area is packed by wingers, ‘fake strikers’ and even midfielders according to Luis Enrique (apparently they can play anywhere), where at least both Ansu Fati and Nico Williams who are all top scorers, dribblers and assisters have been called up. Thanks, Luis.

ll in all, this list is very far away from the optimal one taking into account the ones that have been left out and could have been selected, but it will unfortunately represent us in Qatar. This way, I would say that Spain will not make it beyond the quarter finals , because that is the way that Luis Enrique has wanted it. Putting things in context.

Main image: @SEFutbol.

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