João Félix, ‘o menino de ouro’, has been too expensive for Atlético de Madrid, as he has been their biggest investment in history. 127 million euros and three and a half seasons full of ups and downs marked by the endless wait of a definitive step forward that never took place and might not ever on the ‘Rojiblancos’ side.

João Félix, signed to be Atlético’s franchise player, leaves without playing well consistently. João, “pure talent” full of YouTube highlights and unable to be decisive in the big games where his bidder needed him the most, quits leaving a huge financial debt for an already damaged Atlético’s economical situation. João, unfulfilled promise stuck in fiction, is already a big disappointment at every level.

João Félix is the visible face of an institutional failure from a club that burned the financial muscle of their golden years into a frustrated hope. João is the stain in Simeone’s record, as he has not found the way to make the most out of his talent and fit him in a team that keeps adding pieces that do not match with the coach’s idea.

But João Félix, of course, is the main responsible of not having met the expectations on the field and for cooking a toxic energy against the group interests.

João Félix leaves somewhere else in search of happiness for a club that he is already costing extra money to since the first day for an excessive tackle. And João Félix leaves (for now) another one that has not had any other option but sending him on loan in order to earn time and lower the twitching.

João Félix arrived as a top talented player and leaves as a player still with everything to prove. João leaves with his pending amortization and the motivation of finally playing with joy. We will see if he is now able to shine away from Simeone’s tyranny thanks to which they could sign him.

Mani image: @Atleti.

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