The new head coach for Villarreal CF Quique Setién is very far away from a dreamed start on his new position. His arrival couldn’t have been more unfortunate, as the recent outcomes are showing.

After the unexpected signing of Unai Emery to Aston Villa, Villarreal CF were now ahead of a difficult task to solve as soon as possible. His successor Quique Setién, joined after a complicated stay at Barça were he was very far away from having the optimal relationship with his players and his team certainly never played the way he wanted to, at least results wise.

This way, his signing for the ‘Yellow Submarine’ was a surprise, not only because of his long time out of the football industry, but also because he even admitted in several interviews that he had lost interest in coaching. However, he ended up accepting the offer from Villarreal and so took over in charge a couple of weeks ago.

However, in just 15 days in charge of Villarreal CF, he has not won a single game and even has been defeated in three out of the four matches he has coached the team so far. In LaLiga, he has lost both games and has conceded two goals and not scored yet, despite having an endless ball possession.

His successes at UD Las Palmas and Real Betis are now too far away in time, as his teams by then were certainly attractive to watch for the neutral fans. In fact, his squads used to really play offensively without speculating. Currently, Setién’s playing style is monotonous and not effective at all. And the worse part is that his players seem to not believe in his plan.

During their last home game, people started chanting against him and he has not even been in charge for three weeks. Things really need to change for the relationship between Setién and Villarreal to work out, as right now it feels like they do not believe at all in what they are doing.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @VillarrealCF.

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