The day has finally come. Real Betis and Sevilla FC face each other off in one of the most intense derbies of Spain: ‘El Gran Derbi’. An unpublished ‘Gran Derbi’ up to this point based on the current momentum from both teams, which is exactly the opposite. A ‘Gran Derbi’ where, against the usual, Betis are the favorites this time.

The situation has changed in the city of Sevilla and Betis now rule, at the expense of whatever happens tonight at the Benito Villamarín Stadium. And the main responsible for this change is clearly coach Manuel Pellegrini, also known as ‘The Engineer’.

Betis have established themselves in the European competitions and have lifted a title more than a decade later after the addition of Pellegrini. They display an attractive football playing style, win consistently and satisfy the mass. They have it all.

Pellegrini has pleased the more than 50,000 fans that attend their stadium every game and the next step in ‘The Plan’ of his prodigious mind is clear: to reach the Champions League spots. For now, they are in the right path.

On the contrary, Sevilla are now now going through a huge crisis due to a very poor management from their board of directors after many years in both the Spanish and even European elite. As a result, they are now in relegation spots and ahead of a very uncertain season that is expected to be very complicated.

Sevilla can’t bounce back since they lifted Lopetegui at the Metropolitano in last season’s fixture when they sealed a Champions League spot that they have been unable to defend.

A tragic summer where the club have undervalued their own roster excessively with the sale of their best two defenders and the not signing of anyone required to compete at the highest level both in the midfield and the attacking area.

A sporting precariousness that, despite the arrival of Sampaoii, condemn Sevilla to draw a new roadmap: to battle to avoid relegation. A new and very tough reality.

This way, we have Betis at a top level, situated in the Champions League spots and with the goal to keep themselves there, against a Sevilla that are in decline and condemned to be at the bottom of the table. Unbelievable.

Football has these things and the city of Sevilla live it with plenty of passion. The ‘Gran Derbi’ of tonight, unpublished based on its context, will help to sharpen the momentums from both teams.

Main image: Edit José Manuel Calviño.

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