Gerard Piqué announced his retirement from football last Thursday. He steps out as one of the best central defenders in the history of football and probably the best one in the history of FC Barcelona. The 35 years old defender ends his career after having won every possible title and leaving an everlasting legacy.

World Cup, EURO, Champions League, LaLiga, Club World Cup, Spanish and European Super Cup… His trajectory is unbeatable. 28 titles with his club and another two with the Spanish National Team. Numbers that have barely been reached by anyone else.

One of the most controversial players retires from football. A different player from the rest that avoids the robotized and scripted speech that the 95% of the players stick to within the football industry.

A footballer with an extraordinary talent that has played better than the rest even without having the best physical. Piqué has marked an era and will leave a mark in Spanish football even though many might not like that.

He has left us with images and moments for the ages, like his extended hand drawing a five when the best Barça ever beat Real Madrid 5-0, that goal at the Bernabéu in one of the ‘Clásicos’ that will go down to history and that proved Barça’s superiority…

Gerard Piqué has been one of the most constant players in the 21st century. Except for a few downs in all the seasons where he has played at the top level, he has barely made any big mistakes that have costed games, at least that I can remeber.

He even said himself a couple of years ago that he would step out and retire from football when he considered that his time at Barça was over, because there was nothing beyond Barça for him. And that is the way it has been.

After all the controversy that have been released in the last few weeks based on his low performing and on the huge quantity of money that he would earn during next season, he posted a video on his social media to announce his retirement from football. As a result of that decision, he resigns to that salary that belonged to him but many critisized.

You can like more or less Gerard Piqué, agree or disagree with him, but no one can deny that he is a truly Barça fan. He has given it all for FC Barcelona and FC Barcelona have given it all for him.

No doubt that it has been a top career that, even though its end might not be as he dreamed of, it is unbeatable overall.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @FC Barcelona_es.

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