It is key to focus on the current high level from many players at Cádiz CF in order to understand their momentum. A level that, in fact, was very far away from the expected at a very difficult start into the new season.

Of course, this collective improvement couldn’t be possible without the addition from Álex Fernández. The midfield is getting back to his best level and, apart from his individual shape, he stands out at scoring goals, which are much appreciated in a team that struggles offensively.

That time of Álex Fernández under coach Cervera:

ÁlexFernández was key to go up to LaLiga in that golden time of Álvaro Cervera at Cádiz. He scored 13 goals and and gave 5 assists in the 2019/2020 season, which made him to become one of the best players of the team in that campaign.

He really stood out at any position in the midfield under coach Cervera. He was the engine, the quality and the scorer. All the required features for a valued midfielder in the transfer market. The clear example was the interest from Real Betis on him.

His numbers under Cervera were magnificent. He contributed with 27 goals and 15 assists in four seasons and a half, which made him to be one of the most important players of the roster.

A decrease of his level, exit rumors and his recovery:

But good momentums do not last forever and less in the football industry, as staying on top for too long is just possible by the chosen ones. He went through his worst moment when Cádiz were expected to go back down and where Álvaro Cervera run out of miracles.

He maintained himself at the starting XI with the arrival of Sergio González last season in January, then February, March and April were more complicated months for the midfielder. He played as a starter on February 5th against Mallorca and then did not start again until he played against Barcelona on April 18th.

In the end, Sergio González got him back and he ended up being a key player in order to avoid the relegation, even though the team suffered all the way until the final part of the last game.

The current season of Álex Fernández:

His performing in the current season was not being too optimal minutes and playing wise. But just as in football everything changes in a matter of seconds, the midfielder has tuned up his arrows and improved his arch.

Since the game against Girona on October 15th, he has returned to Sergio’s starting XI. No matter if his absences were due to circumstances or just because the coach did not consider him as the best option for some games, now keeping himself in the starting squad is not a coincidence.

Now we are certainly seeing the best Álex Fernández after that goal against Girona in the day of his birthday. Intense, builder, and scorer. As a result, two decisive goals in the last four games in oder to earn the points that Cádiz needed.

As he has always said himself, this team and this city are his home, and whenever he feels comfortable with the context of the games as it is happening now, his performing keeps getting better and better constantly.

Cádiz need his archer and his arrows well sharp.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @Cadiz_CF.

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